Friday, July 18, 2014

Full list of items that reliefs allergies and eczema

Here is full list of items to do that can relief allergies and eczema, good luck to all of you:

1. 3M Filtrete™ Air Cleaning Filter 靜電空氣濾網

buy 超效能過濾 (available in rolls, cheaper and more) ($2XX)
available at 永安,日本城

2. Magical Cleaning Spray ($148)
for air conditioner and mattress cleaning
available at 永安, 千式
Make sure your air conditioners are clean! clean your air conditioners!

3.  Any Sharp Humidified Air Purifier e.g. KI-AB60-W  ($4600-$4800)
Air conditioners often have weird dry and dirty air. This will humidify and extra clean the air, the extra benefit is your don't have to vacuum clean the floor/desk/items as often because the air purifer sucked and kill the dust, mold, viruses for you! Close the windows/doors before using it because you must keep the dirty air out at least for a while - at least while you sleep.

4. 普安堂中醫藥保健診所 (醫濕疹用中藥洗身 + 中藥改善體質 , 減少使用類固醇 )
岑永昌醫師 Mon-Sat - 9:00am to 2:30pm
No need to appointment. okay to walk-in.

5.  綠茶素及洋蔥素
美國加得露 Catalo 或綠盈坊  都 ok.

6. Flax seed oil/ Krill oil / Fish oil
Omega-3/6/9 for reducing inflammation of ecezma/allergies
2 teaspoons of flax-seed oil at night before bed

7. Avoid Red Meat
Avoid all forms of saturated fats from red meat, diary products as these encourage inflammation.

8. Bed Vaccum Cleaner

I use older model of this:

Older model that I use: $600 - no need to buy replacement filter, cloth filter
This one: $1100 - no need to buy replacement filter, improved to metal filter, better strudy dust collector.

available at 永安, 千式

9. Grahams
My opinion is only apply this when your ecezma is under control with chinese medicine.

10. Aq Sanitizer
Apply when feeling too much germs and to dirty places.
MRSA (a kind of germ) can make eczema infection worse when wounds are open.

11. Get good sun light
Sunlight makes the body produce Vitamin D can help.

12. Get good exercise

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