Friday, May 06, 2011

What is next?

I am planning to go for a thesis option for my MS degree will help me to specialize on a topic that I really like. MS without thesis is just a bunch of these stupid classes but just more difficult to get through.
That is why going for jobs to see what I really like is a good thing - for a thesis master degree.
Having a non-thesis will not help my specific career because it is not a specialize into a topic. Well, MS non-thesis would place me higher on payscale and that is it - no gurantee that it will be faster to graduate.

I think I will do better if I do one thing and just one thing. As my friend Rajat in wsu doing MS thesis right now, he said. he said: there is no gurantee that MS non-thesis will graduate faster, because you have research credits in a thesis option.

I mean, after reading 451 (Database) and 466 (Embedded systems) exam and questions. What the hell with a BS degree, the topics are just too diverse, and I don't think I will use the new knowledge as much as the professors will expect - I won't use all of them. Yes, some of the knowledge is going to be a waste - because I want to specialize.


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Patrick Yau said...

I wish you a clear mind to choose your options. !!!