Website Updated

  1. Custom error pages (.htaccess and error.php)
    1. one error page handle all the http errors.
  2. Report the weather in your area base on your IP address. PHP post request and some string parsing was coded. (see
      1. Breakdown at: 
  3. A java script time: reading your PC clock
  4. Facebook like on website and blogs
  5. New highly customized blog templates
    1. Page numbered
    2. Google ad-sense enabled
    3. Social networks share enabled
    4. Yahoo pipes for all the blogger feeds listed on home page
    5. Facebook like enabled
      1. Add Facebook Like button to Your Blogger Posts
        (linked to facebook Application ID)
    6. Google followers enabled
    7. Feedburner
      1. Personal Feedburner Flare
      2. Disqus Comments Link: Display the number of comments for each post (in rss feeds).
    8. Disqus, Facebook Connect
      1. import existing comments to disqus
      2. comment sync with disqus
    9. Switched from Facebook Notes to Networkedblogs
      1. Are Facebook, Blog Catalog, and NetworkedBlogs Stealing Your Adsense Earnings?! 
    10. Facebook Application ID for all three blogs
  6. Content-wise
    1. 2011 resume
    2. new ME! section (music, folk dancing, philosophy is a transferred to this), and programming IT section
    3. is the photo album (this doesn't have all the photos due to privacy. Use of Facebook is encouraged.)
    4. Homepage quicklinks: added onlinealarm clock, email/
    5. Contact Page
      1. Skype Call, Google Chat, Better looking email form.
  7. Subdomains and Redirections
    1. for webmail
    2. for file server
    3. blogs are now has subdomains in,,
  8. Google custom search ( on blog, on homepage, tweaked result, auto-completion and refinement enabled
  9. favicon.ico 
  10. website banner - the dude is gone for the dudette.
  11. Search engine submission
    1. Google webmaster tools
    2. Website: Sitemap generator
Cron job for automatic sitemap generation for search engines.

FYI, ip v4 is running out
ipv6 deployment status


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