Saturday, September 04, 2010

Response to Facebook: At the end of August, 2010

Hey. Thank you. I usually do nothing for my birthdays. Birthday is a good way to keep in touch with friends. However, don't be upset if I miss your birthdays, but I am trying my best. And, I must hand-in my assignment on time... I am so afraid when a big project is assigned without my instructor(s) splitting it into smaller project first. I need to enjoy getting the work done. After a break from my University, I have much less stress compare to two years ago, as a result, the classes seemed to be less complicated. Psychology can make all the differences, and it is a thing that is hard to fix when it goes sideways.

Making backups is the hardest thing to do. This year, I will have a total of five harddrive returns to harddrive manufacturers. In previous years, I return one or two drivers per year. Drivers are so easy to break, I own ten harddrives myself, and that includes the drives in laptops and external drives. Lucky, I have SSD and harddrives in Raid 5, they are more reliable. I replaced two drives from the Raid 5 this year alone. And I don't like moving data around. Five harddrives to return - there is a potential that I don't have another copy of this massive amount of information. This year, I am lucky, I seemed don't have much to lose.

I found out I have too much clothing, I change my laptops a lot, but I hardly have enough old clothing to throw away. Too bad I have t-shirts that I always wear, but some of them have been seven years old already and most of them just simply don't get old. Well, one of my friends told me, Russian researchers had 25 men and women who were 50 years old (and another bunch of people doing nothing as the control group), and these subjects have been living in the style of soviet era despite the time of experiment is around 1995 for 10 years. They eat, dress, listen, and do the same old thing as if they were in youth. The result of the research was that the control group die faster than the ones who live in their youth lifestyle.

So, *perhaps*, in a long run, changing your clothings and lifestyle significantly for too many times across a few decades may make you feel older.

Thus, I am not getting old... YET.

There are researches and experiments make me believe in friends more. Most of us agree that human is born social. Another research that I have heard about is that in an elderly nursing home a group of random patients are given plants for them to water, and another group is given plants but the nurses water the plants for them. The result is the group that water the plants themselves survive longer, and the group with the nurses watering plants die faster. The nurses just strip away patients' valuable opportunities to water plants in the control group. Therefore, this shown the fact that even interactions with plants has a significant benefits already. So, treasure the friends. I see my friends are doing it, and some are even more so. I am glad that my friends have the motivation to nudge me online, even when I am terribly overwhelmed with some other things.

Human brains work in ways that most of us don't even have a clue. To exemplify this, The third experiment I want to talk about is semi-solid food in nursing home. Nurses used to feed semi-liquid in a cup. Researchers asked the nurses to make bacon-shaped semi-solid bacon, and banana-shaped semi-solid banana, and so on. The result is that the patients have an increased appetite when shaped semi-solid food is served. Perhaps their brains associate food better with the shape of food.

All above somehow showed that social interactions and communications in physical world make a difference in personal health. Although online experiences with friends are also crucial. As technological barriers are still pretty heavy in online environment, online environment still have a long way to catch up with the physical world in terms of social interactions. Although we don't understand the mechanism of human brain; nonetheless, concluded from the experiments mentioned above, things just won't go wrong with more physical interactions with people. For those who has been online for too much, just like me, should moderately get people into gatherings and parties so that they don't miss out the benefits of physical and social interactions.

And so, I have established that there are some benefits for celebrating birthdays, even if it just meant to have small online chats, which is still better than not doing it at all.

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