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Update Jan 2009

Chinese tattoo style Ukrainian Egg with glassy egg holder. Maya 2009

Not yet Easter, but I draw eggs. Yet, I don't celebrate Easter.
I don't even celebrate birthdays, why should I celebrate Easter!?

Shoreline is evaluating my transcript. I will get to Shoreline CC at Seattle by next Spring - Early April.

==Videos recommend==
Patrick Yau proudly present: Road Pancakes

This one is my semester project.

Patrick Yau proudly present: Kite HD

This one is my final semester project - Kite HD. I have spent lots of time to draw Adonis™ the bird in this short animation.
The wind is computer generated.

If you want to dig deep into technical details of both projects, here you are:


KFC Cruelty

KFC staff retrieve chicken wings from trash bin for the meals of customers (Chinese and poor video quality)

I will never ever go to KFC again in the future if I can choose to eat out.

Cradle of Filth - From the Cradle to Enslave
Music Video

Click here for lyrics

I listen to that same song again and again for many times. From the artist point of view, this music is great. However, whether the song is conveying the Truth is yet another serious business.

=1. The transfer and the move
The exams of this awful Fall/winter semester has just ended on last Friday (yesterday in US time). I have no excuse for not updating you guys. Remember you can reply by creating new message on Facebook. If you response here your comments will be read by others. They are great audience of course.

I hate the classes here at Pullman! Some of the classes gave me a mind-boggling headache. The software that I use to write programs for assignments is so unstable. It seems compile wrong code with bizarre behavior. That thing is sure buggy.

I had to use that buggy software to finish the assignments and there is no other choice to replace that software.

My parents agreed with me to switch school, though the lease of my place that I have signed pose a problem.

Probably I will u-haul the things. One thing that is great is that I have a portable queen size air-mattress. I will sell all my heavy bulky traditional mattress. I have portable plastic tables too. I have the future moving in mind.

I don't like the weather in Pullman. The last time it snow, my home outside accumulate 2 feet of snow. Correct, I am so negative about it, because I have to shovel at least 2 hours a day - and up to 4 hours a day to clear up the snow on my car and driveway.

This year I only focus on academic only. I am not holding any position at school.

I am getting some advice from my professors about getting an 3D-animation degree. I have been doing a lot of researches online about the video art industry. And here is what I have found and here I got them summarized:

This industry seems like an male dominant industry. Female counterparts may end up low wages and doing most of the boring work. Is that true? But hey, for the computer science field, isn't it also male dominant too?

"The only thing i ever took away from the lectures is that if your in animation, you basically specialize in one aspect of what your good at. For example if your good at making eyes, your dream job will be "the eyeball guy." ..something around those lines, high specialization, there is no, do whatever you want type of thing, at least not with any of the big companies."


I am kind of surprise for what the guy says about the Video arts industry. But hey, for the computer science field, isn't it also you sleep under the desk when the workload is gonna to kill ya?

I guess I will pick up trash, renaming files from those lazy guys who incorrectly named that quit the company 3 months ago... If it is real talented work, it can be that I am in the company a few years before I can get involve.

But hey, at least in Hong Kong, it is typical. Companies don't want to hire a janitor and it is simply saving operating cost to let the "prawns" do all the clean up work. I will be sucking-it-up.

I am asking them if they have good animation schools that they recommend to me?

I have been searching online. The Art Institute of Seattle and related schools turns out having bad reviews and labeled by students that they suck up money from students all the time. I am really scared.


=2. Perhaps no more crappy car because of the recession for the Santa?

I will get a 4WD for sure because the cars will get cheap in the next few months. I want to conquer the heights of snow.

Hybrid doesn't save money. Yes, hybrids save gas, but there will be a higher cost of repair when a hybrid goes wrong. I am not rich enough to buy a hybrid. Hybrids are quieter but conventional ones are quite enough.

If it is 2nd-handed car, I would prefer certified pre-owned car.

Friends typically recommend imported cars. I have heard Toyota is a great choice. I want a car that have higher clearance of snow, not to mention more safety feature.
I am thinking about the fuel economy of my second car and rather not to have a powerful engine that waste me more gas and end up speeding. At Washington, the fastest highway I can find can go only up to 70 mph for the speed limit - that means I can only go at most 80 mph. There is no need to buy a power car.

I think to make this kind of decision I will go shop around with my sister and several friends during Christmas - probably at Seattle, and buy it around first half of the next year.

You know I have got fed up with unexpected repair cost of used car, and I hope that my 2nd car will be rid of the repair problem.

My sister will have my car if I leave the US, so we both will use the suggested car for at least 4 years.

With my current Honda Civic 91 LX, it seems like a bad idea to visit elsewhere like Seattle. Though, I have yet to convince my mom that a pricey can be well worth it. My parents can afford it but in this kind of situation we are all prone to save money. Actually I prefer to get a even better car once I get my job and have income, may be a hybrid car, when the hybrid technology is mature.

A few months later it will be the next time to buy. Probably I want to exploit the weak US dollar as the trillion rescue program is about to roll out - when more layoffs are expected in next few months.

The good thing is that, computers and LCD monitors are getting cheap now in the US! 4Gb ram $25 at Tigersdirect now (It was $100 10 months ago for the same speed) - $389 for a quad core intel q6600, power supply, case, 4gb ram and board. CircuitCity is going on liquidation, pick up cheap stuff there.

So, will I go for Master of Computer Science after the Bachelor graduation? The answer is probably not in the near future. I think I will try go for Master of Finance first. And well, if I can find an internship/OPT, that is always preferred. However, in this kind of epic global economic situation, I don't think the market needs me for now.

=3. The Kill-all Solution
And also here is my kill-all solution for repair almost all the common software problems of typical computers:

It is also okay that you send this to others so that they can get help too. It is a free resource from me under GPL license.

=4. Recycling for Profit
Pullman garabage disposal, like other recycling companies in the US, only recycles materials that are profitable for them. Materials that are not profitable are white and mixed paper, plastic bags, and plastics that are not PET 1 and 2. WSU is still taking in white and mixed paper, so I am planning to dumb my paper in a WSU recycle bin. For a broken CFL bulb, they told to drive halfway to Colfax to dispose it, which I did. Imagine lots of people in Pullman don't have cars, how can they dispose things like broken CFL bulbs? It is so inconvenient. Therefore, many simply don't recycle, even though they are aware of this will hurt the environment. The recycling effort in Pullman is not good enough.

When you visit at Costco, you can see they are packing some electronics in a big plastic shell. This can take a lot of space during transportation, and wasting more plastic than necessary. Many packaging of Costco items is not recyclable expect the cardboard. They might end up using less packaging than other stores because Costco items are sold in big box; however, further reduction of packaging will help the environment. Well, profitability can stop corporations from choosing pricer greener alternatives; but it should not be the case with mechanise packaging - it should be cheap to change a smaller packaging.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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