Sunday, July 13, 2008

This is not the first time I have complains about Facebook

Facebook is just getting ridiculous. This is not the first time I have complains about Facebook.

Enslaved to Facebook
"You know those kind of applications are very boring and turn us into slaves."
"My profile is less bloated because I have get rid of those junk."

See Annoying Facebook Application

Now I add one more, "Facebook is where the spam is. Your friends are SPAMing you."

Facebook Posting my Marketplace ad Online and I don't know about it
Without my approval, facebook automatically posted my ad which I posted on facebook. I found this as I google my phone number out there on the Internet.

(Edit: the Facebook Marketplace has an option checkbox to whether let your ad be posted on other housing searching websites, but this option checkbox is turned on by default. That is a checkbox that is buried in bunches of other important options, and that is hard to see.)


Facebook Ridiculous Account Removal
My sister's facebook account got removed a few months ago by facebook administrators even though she is a real person with only one account, mistakenly joining a wrong network with a similar name.

Facebook's Information Monopoly
Also Facebook is locking up information on the web, thus "owning" and monopolize the information. Facebook is not a substitute for a website or blogs. Facebook is locking up information about me on the web. And a lot of people don't care and don't know about it. The world, for long, has downplayed the Truth by naive ignorance. So now I post on the blogger instead, and let facebook importing my bloggers and my website through Yahoo Pipes, just to avoid Facebook's monopoly on information.

Also Others Bad Experiences with Facebook (PhraseBook)
Thanks for developing your Facebook application. We've disabled your account.
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Facebook is good, but its drawback is terrifying.

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