Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Cleanup

I trust myself everything will fall into its own place if I do everything just enough. Right now, I am adding entries onto my website, and I want to focus on good health, academic, and internship.

I have moved to Turner drive from True Street and CCS apartment. I have moved 8 car loads of stuff, and threw away or recycled two car loads of trash which include paper, computing hardware waste with old manuals, and bags. I am selling computer hardware that I don't use on ebay. I have reorganized my boxes of notes accumulated this five years. I buy furniture that can fit into my car so that I don't have to uhaul too much. I have plastic foldable tables as dinning table and working desks. I will only have to uhaul the 2 seat couch and 3 beds.

I changed my address with DOL, Vehicle Licensing, WSU, the bank, the credit card companies, websites and the post office within two days. That was 5 hours of work for me calling them, going to their websites and may be also visiting them.

Sublease clean up

I got one girl living the new place. It took me two weeks to have another person to fill the master room. The first time it was a guy who called me rot because I forgot to give him my address and my cellphone was dead. The second time is I helped my friend to get along with his girlfriend so that she don't have to live in my place, but my friend fixed my car's alternator, and I fixed his relationship with his girlfriend. The third time is someone deposited money into my checking account and he is my roommate now. Therefore, I am residing in the living room and pay a relatively low rent, the girl stay in the smaller room, and the guy stay in the master room. Since the place is all furnished and well equipped, I provide them bed, table, lamps so that they don't have to haul their stuff around as much. Everything is clean and quiet here now in my place. Nice and quiet neighborhood.

Photo album of this new place:

New place and old place clean up
I cleaned the old place for six hours in CCS, and the new place too. The new place I am living now is still crappy by my standard, but others may think that it is a good place.

I have a lazy landlord. He is supposed to collect rent on Jun 1st, but he didn't come. I called him yesterday, and he tagged me a voicemail, but he didn't come.

I cleaned the entire house including window trails, window stills, window glass- inside and out. Replaced the incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs. I am still mending the nail holes on the walls and windowsills and repaint around the old holes.

A window glass in the living room fail off last Sunday. I sleep in the living room, and that window glass could have landed on my face, but it just fall out to the outside. yea, if it didn't fall to the outside, it could have landed on my face while I was sleeping. I was lucky. I know that I need to seal the window with plastic wrap right after the window fall off. It is summer and the plastic wrap works. I cleaned up that windows glass a little bit outside, and seal the hollow window with plastic wrappings, duct tape, and packaging tapes. It has been four days, and the landlord didn't come.

I fix the bathtub too because there is a gap between the tub and the wall with bathtub adhesive. It works great.

My new vaccum works great. It is only $44, and I got a whole can of dust in 5 minutes of usage when I was vaccuming the new place the first time.

I am considering to use LED light bulbs!

Unless the LED bulbs are lower than $60US and at least as bright as 60 watt incandenscent bulbs, the saving in electricity bill would not be apparent.

Nevertheless, the price of LED light bulbs is getting cheaper and cheaper. $52 for a 75W incandescent replacement, good deal! You need to buy the high power ones and you need to know what to buy, or you will end up with some inferior joker bulbs. I have been to that case before, I am asking for a refund for that. The ones that I recommend are in

These bulbs are in high quality and work for 11 years. They are not typical cheap ones that you find on ebay. The bulb cost is high, but eventually it will save money with its longevity.

For the same amount of lumen,
Incandescent consumes 60W
Fluorescence consumes 15W
LED consumes only 5-7W!!

Multi-Color LED Lightbulb w/Remote and dimmer switches
Only 5 Watts!!!

Finance clean up
Pay all the credit card debt, cancel all the credit cards that I don't use. Claim my health insurance, and now I got a check from them finally. Pay the rent in advance so that I don't to care about the rent anymore.

Communication clean up
I have revamped the new website, the address is still the same: I have delete and consolidate the blog entries. I moved underutilized blog entries to the website.

I have bought a new N wireless router and using Time Warner Cable. Everything is smooth here in the new place.

My cellphone Treo 650 was dead on Saturday Jun 7 2008, and so I lost a roommate. He is supposed to move in on Monday, but he doesn't have my address. and he didn't email me, but he just kept calling me when my cellphone was dead. He thought that I intentionally not answering his phone, and he call me rotted. Nevermind. On the bright side, I was given a second chance to raise the cheap rent a little bit for the master room of my new place because there were 8 people interested in this room.

My new HP IPAQ hw6945 can use skype! (costs $300 on ebay with GPS software, USB cable, and charger). I like the cellphone very much. One thing is the sound volume and echo is bad. I am thinking to buy Discovery 925 on so that the sound will be great on this cellphone.

I have a US phone number and a HK phone number on skype in addition to my cellphone number. I paid $84 dollars for a year of unlimited calling and skype voicemail box. It is a good deal.

Eating habit clean up
I serve myself natural food. Six sparrow sized meat everyday is okay, but more than that will be unhealthy. I eat whole grain.

I have been visiting a lot of bad chinese doctors in Hong Kong because of my enzyma. However, right now, my enzyma is almost cured because of my juice formula.

I bought a new juicer, two tomatos + one stalk of celery everyday and my skin is healing. I don't feel itchy for two weeks since I use my drink. I throw in half uncooked potato as well in the drink. That is better than the coke. Coke is what I called "the black water." Sweet but do nothing. My drink is way better. The juice that are available in the market is too sweet. Even the unsweeten apple juice has too much sugar in it because it still taste sweet. Therefore, if I need apple juice, I use my newly bought juicer, and that will save money buying juice and save the environment by not purchasing containers that hold the juices.

I don't need to look at that anymore:

I am cured, I can have a girlfriend! lol.

For vitamin supplements and medications, I have my new plastic medical dispenser. I won't forget my pills again!

Computer clean up

I have recycled 9 pounds of computing trash. Parts of dell laptop that can't be sell on ebay, 2 wireless adapters, a wireless G netgear router,

Data lost and Recovery

I lost computer data last December and March. First, I figured out which drive(s) is not working. Second, I scanned all the drives with undelete software. These undelete software copied the recovered files to newly bought harddrives.

Third, I am opening all the files that have been recovered from the scan. These files can be unreadable - a bunch of garbage. I am throwing all these garbage files away. These files may lose their filenames, so I open the files, and figure out what that is, then give them filenames. These files may be duplicated, so I have remove duplicate files software to delete the duplicated files. These files may be not in the correct directory, so I move them in to correct folders.

Lastly, because I have multiple backups, that means I will have to compare the versions of files, and delete the old versions! When some of the files are recovered and I am no clue what those are, I put them into a folder together. May be some day I will need them. When some of the files are recovered and I am no clue what those are, I put them into a folder together. May be some day I will need them. Some of these uncertain files are semi-garbage, and some of them are mp3 while they can be text.

After all these, I will need to do a backup.

Well, I have a lot of backups of contact lists, so I will need to combine all the backups together and merge with the current contact list, and delete the old backups, And make one backup for the newly merged contact list. This newly merged contact list will be put into my new cellphone.

Academic Cleanup
I need to get an internship as a credit class. I am working on it. Very busy. I will get it. I promise.

Social stuff
I have been focusing on good health, living good, organizing and finding internship. It is okay for me to stay out of social life for a while.

Russian Night at Spokane with the folk dancers.

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