Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving turkey, The dog, Selling on ebay, zeitgeist, massage, moving, and snow tires

Had a 20 pounds turkey cooked for a potluck and a newspaper reporter happened to be there. I will be on the news again for the third time. This time is the Moscow Pullman Daily news. Two of my Chinese friends how to cook turkey, and they assisted me to cook turkey. I surprised a lot of people during the potluck event because I just cook as good like an American household. Remember, I am a Chinese. The turkey's bone was then simmered with minced onion, chopped garlic cloves, and a few stick of chopped celery. It was a good broth. My friends taught me how to cook since I am in the United States. They make good dishes, I ask for instructions, and I copycat them. I am good at it. Copycat.

For the football game, Washington State won the Apple cup this year, to my surprise. I am not interested in going to football game. Recalling that last year apple cup it was freezing and raining and windy, Cougars was losing, and I was there. Even though Cougars win the Apple cup this year, the team did bad in general. Let them fire themselves. I don't care about it anymore.

It happened I sold more $100 dollars worth of computing and video recording equipment over the Thanksgiving holiday on ebay. This month alone I made $200 dollars. I had my camcorder broken last year with all other accessories working. I have my 4-year-old dell laptop broken last April, and it doesn't boot anymore. As I have experience on opening laptops, I took it apart and sell the components rather than trash it. The screen (see picture) alone should worth around $110 dollars. It worths more to sell it part by part than trading in a whole non-usable laptop with a company.
Trading in a whole non-usable laptop with a company may require buying a products with them. Because this old dell laptop having a non-working hard-drive and system board, it has no trade in value actually. Now, selling it part by part is the only option for me. I will ask my friends for broken laptop and sell parts online. It can be my real business. It helps income, but can't get rich by this scheme as this is all labor work.

All profits of selling computing components are reinvested on new computing equipments. Most of the shipping materials were reused in previous purchases including some used envelopes and used bubble wrap and used+trimmed anti-static bags. It is green.

List of sold items so far:
Panasonic Remote Control w/ MIC for PV-GS70/GS200/GS250
Battery FOR Panasonic PV-GS150 PV-GS250 CGA-DU12 DU12
DELL TV Audio S-Video TV-Out Cable 70TVD 44CTV
T808 universal bluetooth keyboard suitable for PDA/Cell
logitech MX900 Bluetooth Optical Mouse
Panasonic PV-DAC14D Battery Charger for DU12 DU21 DU14
Battery FOR Panasonic PV-GS150 PV-GS250 BP-DU21 DU21
512MB PC2100 DDR 266 IBM Dell Compaq HP Laptop Memory
1GB PC2-5300 Toshiba Protege M400, R200, S100
256mb RAM Memory for Dell Inspiron 5100 8200 8500
DELL INSPIRON2500 3800 4100 4150 8100 8200 BATTERY USED
AC Adapter Dell Inspiron 1100 4150 5100 8200 PA-9 PA9

My haircut last night at 1:30am is my shortest DIY haircut. It took me only 30-minutes compare to two years ago my first DIY haircut took two hours. This picture shows my long hair and I was working in my working area at my new place. Currently sharing a room temporarily with my friend. Late December I will have my own room. What is good for the new place is that I have plenty of space to work with.

Pullman snow early this year. I haven't les-schwab-tired. I plan to do it on today (Tuesday morning). A few people has ask me about les schwab. The answer is: "For any given day they are open, go there at 7:40am, or may be even earlier. The shop is easy to get full, and it is full again today. They close at 4pm!"

A great movie for you to check out.

English subtitles

Chinese subtitles

Zeitgeist Addendum [ II ] trailer - released in Oct. 2008

As I found out, it is academic institution that emaciate your body, soul and mind. In the United States, it is the system making most of the people stupid. In the university level, it is the overwhelming amount of information that surprise you.

Look at table 3 (at the bottom of the page of the following link). Average combined mathematics literacy scores of 15-year-old students, by country: 2003

I get a blood test with the university. Everything under test is fine and I paid $50. Then, because I pay $1300 a year for the WSU maksin insurance, it is time for me to claim the insurance. I have double checked with the university that the insurance that I bought in school covers massage 80% each time and up to $800 per year. That means I can go massage for around 20 times and one hour each session that costs me only $8 dollars (originally $47 per hour).

A massage therapist is far better than a massager. A massager is a machine. A massage therapist is a general term for people who do massage professionally on people. We call massage therapists as massage practitioners in Washington.

So, the massage practitioner did well on me and this is the second time. He relax my muscles by pressing trigger points and squeezing muscles to increase blood circulation and metabolism. He press trigger points to make my muscles and at the same time as the muscles relax they release toxins. In order to excrete the toxins, I drink a lot of water after the session (3 times as much water as a typical day). I can schedule a massage session without any medical reason and yes my insurance still covers for it. I have double checked the information. I will probably go again. Massage is a very useful skill. One day I will learn massage.

Two weeks ago I have moved for cheaper rent. I helped my old roommate at my place and myself to find new people to take over the lease at my old place. I know the new people in the new place a year ago, so in fact they are not new friends to me, but new roommates. I rented a Rug doctor from the grocery shop Dissmore to clean carpets and couches for my old place and my new place. The new place was actually way dirtier. Dogs and cats furs were everywhere if one inspects carefully in the house. This picture is cropped for my profile picture on MSN and skype. See the photo? Look like a galaxy in there. Actually it is one of the most disgusting things ever in my life. I dumped the sewage out of the container shown in the picture, and rinse the container for the second time. The water in the container was just as dark and dirty as the original sewage! What the!? Eww.

During the Thanksgiving, one of my new roommates girlfriend dropped her dog named "Lady" in my new place. My new place is a house. As it is a guys' house the toilet seat is filthy. So, what happened was this, the dog drink toilet water out of the filthy smelling toilet seat. OMG! My new roommate is unaware of the fact that sensible hygiene on pets can help owners' health in return. Gosh! The dog mouth smelled badly. My new roommates still think dog mouth is cleaner then human. Yes, in terms of bacteria, dogs may be cleaner. However, there is a potential cross contamination for parasites, stronger viruses and bacteria. They also claimed that the toilet water is actually clean. However, once the toilet water first get into the toilet seat from the pipe, the water is contaminated with the filthy bacteria-filled scum, so, the toilet water becomes dirty after all for the dog to drink from it. The dog was just pathetic.

Also, the dog woke me up at 8am in the morning for few days for it to go outside of the house for peeing. That is good for it not excreting in the house. Well, but the dog farts.

I cleaned the toliet seat (may be it was not cleaned for 6 months), and refilled the dog's water bowl with drinkable filtered water a few times, and the dog drink from it, and the problem solved. Now if the dog wants to lick me again, I will still have second thought.

The dog stole one pack of turkey bones on the counter which was wrapped in aluminum foil. The turkey bones are for the turkey broth that I have mentioned previously in this article. Okay, the dog wanted the bones, so be it. However, the dog insisted in eating the turkey bones in the living room and the pieces were scattered everywhere. I don't know how to train the dog to consume its food in the laundry room. I spend a hour with it to no avail. Darn it. Whatever. I cleaned the living room after it finished the bones.

My roommate's girlfriend picked up Lady back to their home yesterday. Now, no more doggie.

I was also messing with my new roommate's cat because I want that cat to get close to me. It is afraid of me. I read a lot online and feed the cat a bit of cat food with my scent on it. It helps. Hopefully, a month later I will see even better result than this.

I have slept on Monday night from 8pm to 11pm, so don't worry if I am writing too much. How is your thanksgiving?

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