Thursday, November 01, 2007

Annoying Facebook Application

so you now know I have removed fluff friends and vampires. You know those kind of applications are very boring and turn us into slaves.

My profile is less bloated because I have get rid of those junk.
If I need to click 200 days and every day spending 15 minutes for going for vampire god that is a lot of time.
and the fluff friend speed goes down every 30 days, so what a waste of effort to keep the speed up.

You know the facebook is less to manage if I drop those fluffy friends. The fluff friend application is featureless. If I am fully employed for that application, the progress of feature development can be a lot better.

In general those number games are really wasting time. Having errors in page loads and also slow page loads result in lots of frustration.

Finally, I should be more focus on my study. If I have appreciate how great other programmers are, now I should focus on myself and hopefully in the near future I will do great as well.

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