Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Summer and Fall Updates

I did a vacation to Oregon with friends in a Pontiac for 9 days. There was a car accident on the first day of road trip, no one was hurt. My friend's car repair cost has exceeded the car's value, so he will buy a new car and renting the Pontiac. The 16-year old kid driving with an expired permit while my friend's car had complete right of way, the mum is paying the rental car for 3 weeks. Also I was on my friends' tennis clubmate's Ferrari. I have been to Hooters, Oregon Beach and the infamous light tower in Reedsport, Oregon Downtown (the Chinatown too), Waterfalls at Historical Highway. I love to eat, I have to tell you. I gained weight (166 pounds) and now I weigh 155 pounds.

More about the car accident: The underage kid was driving with an expired permit and he T-boned my friend's car, while my friend's car had complete right of way, the kid's mum is paying the rental car for 3 weeks. The kid's car is not insured. My friend is going to sue him. The kid got 5 different citations with the fine amount of $1500 (The citations were like Emmy awards. Name a few: driving without a license, Reckless driving, driving with expired permit, driving with permit without a licensed driver...) Two hours after renting a Pontiac from e-enterprise, we ran out of gas for the car and lucky a couple buy us a jag of gasoline. I was guarding the car while my two other Road trip friends walking down the highway for gas. It was a three-hour delay for the road trip. On the way back, I have been driving from Tacoma to 10 miles away from Spokane without any assistance. Therefore, I am a stable driver now.

I have been to Chi-Alpha during the summer, it is a Greek community and a Christian group, and they are interested in meeting International students like me. A lot of them dance in CJ club in Moscow, ID. Wiley commented I am getting hands and feet together. I know some Lion dance, country dance, and country swing dance now, but I am just a beginner. They are nice and patient just like the Folk Dancers do. Well, these dances help my dancing and reflex in return; it is a very good thing. However, during the semester, I am not able to go to CJ club on Thursdays because my homework, labs, group meetings, classes, and insufficient computers are taking control of my life.

For the Folk Dancers, they are very kind. They know old rumors, legends, stories, history and cultures. They know the dances. It is experience, being humble, memory and coordination matter in folk dance. We accept our mistakes as having fun. Yes, making mistake is a part of the fun even in the performance. Folk dancing is not just consist of one kind of dance; it is comprise of many dances from currently existing and previously existed countries. This makes folk dancing extra-ordinary because of its variety. It can be challenging depends on what you are dancing. Just you let you know. The fun begins with more people to dance because folk dance is a group dance. Folk dances are tightly related to stories, history and cultures. Just the dance is NOT enough to people to enjoy. You can seriously live the folk culture as a life style like eating and drinking - which is a lot of dance lack of. Folk dances are not sets of washing machine procedures. I know. It is way beyond the dances - far away.

Entry Fee and Time (as of September 2007)
CJ club, Moscow, ID. Three dollars per person per entry on Wednesdays, Thursdays with Lucky Draws.
WSU Pullman International Folk Dancing Club, 10 dollars for yearly membership. Free entrance for members and non-members.

I have been to hikings 4 times, Camping once, bowling once, on the boat 3 times, 3 BBQ, go to 4 movies in theaters. By the way, I have watched 22 movies at home. I was putting myself on vacation pretty much because I know I have to work a lot harder in this deadly semester.

I got my driving license two days before my birthday, but I still need to negotiate with my parents for money for buying a car around $2000 to $3000. I have been lowering the budget for the car. I got 80, I passed. Two years of hard work. Thanks for Seung-hyuk lending me his car. Thanks for everyone who has helped out the process.
Backing, visual, wide turn - not used to the car 4
Right turns - wide turn 6
General driving performance - don't know why 4
Parallel parking - forgot assuming 1.5 parking spacing 2
park and start on the hill - forgot the wheel has to turn when parking 4

In addition, thanks for Pete, AK, and Ting for teaching me the driving. I turned out to. Ting thanks for letting me trial and error. AK thanks for your patient and being so logical. Pete thanks for your words "You can get us kill.", but I still not appreciate your chest bumps. They have spent so much time on me as my friends. Originally, I don't have the personality for driving. "I am very good at riding bicycle, why not a car?" I wondered. Now, I am a better driver. I have all I need to be cautious on the road. For now, my roommate is teaching me how to drive a manual transmission so that I may buy a manual car, which saves 15% of gasoline. The problem of having a manual car is that there is a possibility that my sister may come to the US for studying and she will need to drive a car, so automatic or manual? Well, I am still deciding.

So, I am going to buy a car. I am donating blood plasma (blood without cells) to help my family making some money. I can make $60 a week by going Pullman biomedics in downtown two times. It is very safe although 8% of chance they mess up a little that delays a donation. I can go there all year around.

If I have a car, I will drive my friends to Folk Dancing on Fridays. I consider having some parties during the folk dance. I am thinking if everyone pays a few bucks and we will have a food party it will be great. I will sponsor all the teas, Pepsi and cokes. I will go donate plasma on the day I want and I don't have to walk there during the winter. I can go to WinCo by myself and even Costco at Lewiston. I can go to CJ club on Thursdays. I can go to parties. I don't like the bus services in Pullman; well it is not Hong Kong, where you can reach a bus, a mini-van, or a MTR/KCR (Railways) for your desired destination in a few minutes at any time you want.

My half-year old Toshiba M400 Tablet PC was in repair and it took a month to repair and I had picked it up in Lewiston, ID. The authorized repair center in Spokane couldn't figure out the problem in 2 weeks. They changed 3 times motherboards, 2 times cpus, 1 time hard drive, and 2 times the 1 GB memory.

My laptop was at Fed-Ex for 2 weeks and they mess up 3 times. School has started! FedEx is so unprofessional in my case. I missed the delivery on Aug 6, 7, and 8. Then, Aug 15: the lady of FedEx says I have to pick up the package at Lewiston, ID and rearrangement for redelivery is impossible. But I made her agree to deliver the package the next day Aug 16.
Aug 16: FedEx missed the delivery and I am sitting at home for the whole afternoon.
I have received a postcard from FedEx that reads "Please provide us with an address or telephone number where we can reach you during business hours to make arrangements for delivery." This contradicts what I have heard on Aug 15. So I called FedEx again on Aug 16 for arrangements for delivery. The FedEx guy told me the laptop would be delivered on Saturday Aug 18.
Aug 18, FedEx miss it again and it made me sit at home for nothing twice.

To sum up, FedEx staff promised me to delivery the laptop on Aug 16 and 18, and FedEx miss both of them. The situation is getting ridiculous. The FedEx guy said it is impossible to deliver the package because the delivery team didn't work out. Hey. It is your problem. I am running out of patience. Blah. Blah. Blah. blah, blah, blah. Total BS that doesn't carry any weight. They only know how to talk fast. This is corporate America, so I swear at them on Aug 18 so that they arranged so called "emergency delivery" for me but it is not quite an emergency after all because they can't delivery it on Sunday. I think the FedEx guy was crapping his pants, so it is an "emergency delivery". I will have to sit at home on Monday Aug 20 8pm for the delivery. Bitch slap FedEx!

I have been trying out windows vista, but it is slow. I will add more memory. I am planning to buy 4gb of RAM. My laptop will worth $2600 (counting the service plan), which will match my status. I can still work it to the bone, and be in front of it except I am sleeping or doing daily chores. I have to. My laptop is dual-boot. I have a upgrade Windows Vista on my laptop but the xp that I upgrade from is a clean install with other junk. So, the Vista is running smoothly now. For Linux, I switched from Fedora to Kubuntu. I install Compiz-Fusion and I get my visualization that I wanted (eye candy) Here is the link ( to see other people having this compiz-fusion thing on the Ubuntu, which is very great - Fancier than windows vista but not obstructive. And heck, it is FREE.

In this summer vacation I haven't been to any internship. This is the only regret that I have so far. I have made myself a video projector by following the instructions from It is working now at my home.

All the photos about my projector, Oregon trip, camping etc will be uploaded to my website very soon on

I have 8 more classes/one year to go. I have been identifying such a degree is a long torture.

This semester I am suppose to be in Cpts 402 but I have to drop the class because this class is only for computer science minor and for those who graduate this fall. I would have taken Cpts 430 (Numeral Analysis) instead if I know that. It is the result of bad advising. I haven't been in the Cpts 430 (Numeral Analysis) for at least 4 classes now. I have to work a lot to get things done.

Washington State University - International Education Week (IEW)

For those who don't know what is International Education Week, please visit

As the secretary of International Folk Dancers of WSU last year and the unknown of this year, IT coordinator of these two years and secretary of last year, I have arranged two opportunities for the dancers to have performance, fund raising, showoff and networking during the International Education Week. It is time for the Folk dancers to get together.

For those who don't know what International Folk Dance is, here you are the definition of Wikipedia.

Demostration of Folk Dance on Youtube:

22 Sept - Up all night 9 to 1pm and we will dance for 30 minutes, FREE FOOD and FREE to see others performance!
28 Sept - Party in the Park - Dancing at 1:00-1:30pm, we will have two tables. FREE again! Folk dancers will bring rabbit and cats! We are selling Ukrainian eggs. Bring whatever it sells! We know old stories, legends, rumors, history and cultures. We will have cultural costumes for people to wear to take photos! We are getting creative here, and show whatever we can show to the people. In addition, we will play games! Have fun.

Thanks for reading all these.

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