Monday, March 05, 2007

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This semester I have to write a website program in ASP.NET, C#,SQL that retrieves, searches, edits the faculty information, and generates corresponding webpages with secure login in my software engineering class. It will be kind of like faculty version of myspace, but not that kind of feature rich because it is just a one person project. I have a bad name for this program: FacSite. It is quite good to incorporate my anger into the title of my program. It is not fun, and it implies I have to get through struggles after struggles, b ut it is good after it is done. Actually, I have no idea how I can get this semester done, but usually I got lucky. Usually when it is a huge program like this, I spend considerable of time for name of it. Hey, any good names in English for this program are welcome. I don't want the program name after my professor "Jack". Ew.

The last 8 weeks featured application to a scholarship (yes, I got one), president award (let's try, doesn't hurt), two career fairs. This week features two exams that are equally disastrous. I have sweaty palms and feet. A lot things need to get back to order (see "Facebook - Snapshot of the day, Feb 7" of this email).

WSU clubs celebrated Chinese New Year. On the news:
I have been to Taiwanese Students' Association's Xin Neng Market, I consumed 5 bubble tea and 3 dishes in their buffet that cost $8US on Mar 24 2007. The Chinese Students and Scholars Association's new year gala is free. I have been there for an hour, and I watch Chinese Ku Fu performance and singing.

Mar 11 2007 is the beginning of daylight saving time, which is one hour earlier than winter time that Washington is using now. It will be 15 hours slower than Hong Kong.

Next week (from today), the week of Mar 12 2007, is spring break. No school for next week.
I am nominated to attend the Leadership Institute. Will be gone from Mar 23 to 25 for Cusick, Washington...
"Leadership development weekend for student leaders. This weekend is a chance to develop your leadership skills while meeting new friends."
Searching for internship online, like internship.

My Reading of this month that may be interesting to you
I used mosquito noise stopped my neighborhood's midnight party. It worked.
I am with the folk dancers almost every week since last September

Taking a break for Videos
Mad-V's Magic trick shows (A Must see in you tube)

Fun with Treadmills

The things that I need to know (My reading for classes)
Operating Systems (My frustrating labs were in there)
Embedded Systems (My frustrating labs were also in there)
Technical writing (Free practice on your English)
Software Engineering (A book that talk about Software Engineering, but it is more about managing humongous project, risk management, teamwork and leadership), so you know there is a good book out there about teamwork.

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