Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Liberal thinking and big fuss that can be boring.

Here you are discussion of a framework- a demonstration of a liberal mindset. Things that I am discussing sound very easy and perhaps can be listed as common sense. Here I sounds like a dictionary on perceptions. Nevertheless, not everyone is willing take it for granted nor everyone can execute and understand it fully.

A few months ago, I have invested a few days on rappers like Eminem, D12 or 50 cents. I have to let you know they are usually about sexually explicit and violence. It is a good way to train up the speed of interpreting English and learning slang in English, but don't take it for granted by default as rap lyrics usually insults a lot of people, may have a full load of stereotypes and just simply rude. I don't have to say anything and you know what to do with this. I am not disagree with gangster rap, but we should know the lyrics are not for real world that we live in while we enjoy it. Personally I do enjoy rap music, and I am not encouraging discrimination or agree on anything about rap lyrics. Let rappers do their kidding and rappers are just creative and imaginative. Good for them to make up good kidding. Rappers can get sued because they meant it for real or public thinks they meant it for real.

A good mindset is required to accept opposing stance or unreal stance. How is the reactions that is against rappers and the book Da Vinci code? They are analogous. How should we prepare our kid to have a good mindset? Then, the next question will be: are things like rappers and Da Vinci code are for kids? Also, have we draw the right line on what is accepted for kids? I think the line is just roughly right. How do you think?

The word "enjoy" doesn't have equal meaning to the word "agree." Don't mess up. So why not enjoy reading Da Vinci code be objective and critical about it? Christians' reactions on Da Vinci code is normal and good because their reactions are foolproof for the world because not everyone have a good mindset. People can act the same old/wrong way even though others yell at these people not to do this and that for a better way that make sense. The reasons why it is so can be like: 1) These people want to keep their benefits. 2) These people are tired or lazy for new changes. 3) These people want to save their faces! 4) Not enough time of them to get change yet, or not the time for them to change. 5) what has provided for them to change is not enough or it is up to others to change first so that they can change. 6) speculating, be ignorant, be uncritical, or unaware of such change. 7) get a wrong idea of what is going on. Because of above-mentioned reasons, I can give you an example that it is just bad to see that racists become more racist and non-racists become more non-racists.

My job in International Students' Council is to change people from the old way of communication to the new way of communication, and it is just a lot of PR, thoughtful thinking and hard work. Are they tired of new changes? Why some people don't want to change? I can guess and then act appropriately.

What a full loop on a discussion of changing people. The examples of racists and my job in ISC are not the same in nature and incomparable for their scales, but they are just logically parallel*. My conclusion is: Never ever it is recommended to change people too much at a time and leave too many people behind. It is not up to me to change anyone. If anything that is not possible for me to change, then make/find some ways to improve it, decorate it, and live with it. There is no need to yell or scream or "stab on" anyone if it is not really a big deal (The idea of peace). No aspiration of utopia, no tinker for perfection, but we attempt to get there real close. Who knows one day it turns to an utopia as easy as 1+1 with the help of "Compton"? (The idea of don't give up and kind of work on it if you can't make it perfect and wait for any mighty people that can make it perfect.)

(It is safe for me to make big fuss and crazy remarks as many as I want to make sure it is elaborate enough so that people won't pick on me too much. The following is the approximate and perhaps boring description of what I am thinking. sleep now, throw up on me or skip it.)

*old geezer that stay in my mind, the most boring of all and it is likely a lot of people will say so: Provide that I can get enough knowledge and guts and yet up to par, I can't help do research on finding stuff that are logically parallel with computers like this example, if someone succeed then he/she will fulfill my wish. This wish probably is just similar other computer scientists wish. Everyone including me will be glad if someone figure out that. Computers nowadays are so lacking of common sense, and I am "mentally frustrated" with computers nowadays and also various kind of arbitrary programming languages. Sure many others think the same way too. If such a wish is fulfilled, such findings can lead to the end of the programming industry and later no one has to work (Yea, I don't want to work, and no one wants to work.) It is quite predictable that such findings and inventions will not be revealed in the near future though. It is so clear that our science nowadays is not there yet. It is so clear to everyone that I want to work now because I don't want to work in the future. I won't be upset if there is no luck on such wish. Work for someone that can find it out after x centuries later then.

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