Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween, homework and free lunches

I am still in the middle of "grinding the faces of the homeworks".

The Halloween was the last week's Friday, and I have won some chocolate "eyeball" as I guessed right about the weight of the pumpkin is 9 pounds (compared with my laptop is also 9 pounds. I am a cheater. Not going to use calculus for guessing number of pumpkin seeds in that pumpkin and number of candy in a glass jar, so I guessed wrong and didn't take the grand prize for the pumpkin. Above-mentioned are all Halloween traditions.) and watching others painting on small pumpkins in the International Center (Too busy and don't want to spend efforts to get a pumpkin painted).

As there are talk shows and activities at school, there are free lunches/pizzas along with these activities. Now I have 10-15% of free food from the school as I attend activities and it is just entertaining when I want to slack off a bit for a rest.

On Monday (30 Oct), Jodi the International Center director asked me about ku fu fighting in ancient China, and I shared what I know with a few others, they are quite curious about Tao and Buddhism, monks and nuns, and something like how "the champion of martial arts (fictional)" works.

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