Saturday, April 08, 2006

Driving test and get sick of Reality Distortion field

frigging busy. passed the knowledge test of driving last tuesday.
I tried it three times, 6wrong 6wrong 1wrong.
In washington state the driving knowledge test requires 20/25 to pass.

I am searching a new roommate, I got his phone number, and we try to meet each other today twice, and he just not showing up. A lot of this kind of people exists. Well, I just piss off. I am so overly warned, I must never acting like this.

You know what is reality distortion field, search wikipedia, it is a computer slang. Steven Jobs (Apple Computer) pursue his engineers to do something that is very tough to achieve with the use of "reality distortion field". I
t results in overworking his engineers, and of course his engineers just get their jobs painfully done.
My teacher uses the same trick. He says this and that is self-explanatory, so he tells us to go online to search for answers. Of course, some of us get stuck of finding an answer, and some of us do not have time to search for answers. This teacher is just screwing his students. Well, it is a weed-out class.

His exams are too long so that no one can complete in time and he is speaking too fast with too much to introduce. Native speakers also have trouble understanding him. He is a good teacher otherwise. Nevertheless, he completely ignores the way of how students work. This makes me mark him as irresponsible and thus a bad teacher.

To save my phone bill, I have used Tmobile to go, paying 5 dollars per month.

Today is saturday and I am less busy, so I let off my vent that is impossible for any other moment, good for health.

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