Friday, December 16, 2005

Two letters to Jack, Cpts(Computer science) 122 instructor

Here you are two letters to Jack, Cpts(Computer science) 122 instructor.

Email Title: I am definitely screwed up because of the compile error


I am definitely screwed up because of the compile error. I have to admit my accident. I am frustrated that I am fixing my error, but I do insist working on it. I am fixing it for whatever it takes. I believe it is a small glitch that does make the whole program not compile.

Jack, I need some amount of time to fix my compile error. It stuck me 3 hours without any progress and it really hurts. (Review: I resolved the problem at 3:02pm Tuesday after the demo time.) Andy and Jan attempted to help me, but this doesn't help at all. They have given up. They didn't start the demo. They recommended me to talk to you to schedule another demo time.

Everything was working fine, especially the networking. I can connect 4 clients at a time. The compile error has hidden my progress and effort.

I have tried, at least I haven't give up. There is a concensus among Andy, Jan, and me that I shouldn't get a zero for this assignment whatsoever because I spent 48+ hours on it. I said fine if I can't demo this assignment because I don't want to stress out myself. My emotion is confused when I can't get my compile error fixed. Should I get a zero, even I spent that much hours on it, and some of my components were working?

Programming is my life. I cannot afford to screw it...

When everyone assumes there is no accident, there is an accident. I have been taken small accidents into accounts. Who knows this accident is a fatal one?

I feel like I were in my own funeral and sobbing for my own death because of unknown mysterious innocent reason.

It is not because I take risky steps in programming, it is because there is some subtle error that I don't know that makes my program stuck.

Well, if you say I start late, I actually start this at the beginning of the semester, but it is in C code. I did wrote code that time split my computer beeper, so that it plays a midi with the window SDK in C code. Guess what? It is a 4-player battleship game! Moreover, the game has its board size customizable. However, I need to hook the model of the game to the dot .net, which involves tons of rewriting, and also hook up to the networking component, so the game is networked.

For this project, the "namespace" is really nasty. It has wasted me a lot of time to figure out how to insert a class properly. I really spent a lot of time to convert a concole application to an GUI application, from unmanaged code to managed.

I hope you can understand the accident that I have encountered, and I insist that this is not my deficiency of any sort. I never admit that I am losing a battle, because I have never given up.

Patrick, Yau Pak Wa


2005Y12M16 Fri

Email Title: Concerned about the final project 


Dear Jack,

I have email to Andy about my final project, and he said I should talk to you quickly.

I have submitted my assignment on Thursday 1:00am. Provide that you want me to demo, I am ready to demo any time you want, although Andy and Jin have turned in the grade sheet to you.

What is my commitment?
I slept 2 hours from Mon to Tue, 2 hours from Tue to Wed at Sloan hall lab to get my assignment done. I have been programming right after the cpts 122 exam in Slon 353, and submitted it on Thrusday 1:00am, and I started wait for a bus at 1:50am, found out the bus doesn't run at 2:20am and walk home. I reached home at 3:30am Thrusday in the freezing midnight. I slept 14 hours at home, emailed Andy around 6:00pm today and get a speedy response from him, and I am emailing you now.

Why it take that long to get my final project finish?
I was confused on dot net stuff. I thought I have to do namespace stuff for my classes to get the project work because the the form is in a namespace, so I try to fix my namespace problem, and I fix it after a few hours. Then, if I change something in the constructor and include some new classes in a class. It doesn't work again. Then I have to fix it for another few hours. I do not know how to manage the namespaces. It happens over and over again, drained my time, so I could not demo. After the demo time, I found out I don't have to do namespaces for my classes. I tell Svetlana about this, and she say "Good lord."

Do you want a demo?
Because I turn my assignement in before Andy turned in the grade sheet this afternoon (someone in the class told me). I think you should have a look at that if you haven't done so. How is my final project? Is it terrible or okay? If you don't know how it works even I have documented it in the help file, just ask me for a demo any time. Email me or phone me at 206 2453214 for the appointment, whatever time you want.

I was e-mailing to ask if my asssignment was added to my overall grade. And if it wasn't what steps would I need to take in order to get my assignment graded?

I just don't know how is my final project be treated. Your answers are vague about this. I am concerned.

How is my final exam?
How is my final exam? You know that, I am not always fine. You told me I am fine. What do you mean? I am passing so I am fine. I will do well in this exam so I am fine. Or I am doing well so far so you predict me fine. I was thinking and confused whether I am fine or not for a few minutes in the exam after you "assure" me that "I am fine". This is quite a disonnant, but my mental skills has resolved that. I don't feel as good as the last time because this exam is harder. For the quick sort, I use the logic mentioned in the C++ how to program. If you found my answer is using a different approach, you should take care of it.

How is my other exams?
Here is my prediction of my grade:
cpts 122 --- A to B- (The final project can pull down the grade by a letter.)
ee 214 --- A (The extra credit is 40 points extra on the final out of 100.)
math 216 --- A (getting way too much points from it.)
ces 403 (tier III, culture things) --- A
Eng 200 (technical report writing) --- B-  (English doesn't correspond to my other achieve although I have been spending whole load of time and effort on it.)

I am looking forward to your reply to erase my concern. I am begging you that I don't want my semester ended with an undefined dissonant. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Patrick Yau Pak Wa

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