Sunday, December 25, 2005

Diary and Dairy

"Diary and Dairy" is it not the same word!


Do you know how hard to learn English because of these subtle differences?


I think English are just not fair to ESL students like us. so, I always wanted to humiliate my English teacher. That is why I have so many nicknames making fun of English teachers. English teachers are crappy rulers who don't know how to simpify themselves. They are gross rule takers...

ww-There're English writers obsessed with their sentences by overloading a few more definitions of every word that they encounter - What is good if it is perfect?

ww-The TENSES will just INTENSIFY the TENSION among some students and English teachers with this inefficient language- English.

ww-All English teachers're potential bastards,they stated how MLA is done and no one get it(They aren't Computer Science major!).-English teachers, if you're great, please describe your arrogant in terms of computer language,if you told people to be specific.

ww-English teachers,if you're smart,please tell me 154 kinds of comma overloading.If you can't do that,keep your month damn shut.

ww-English teachers,tell me how to use a comma in D (What's D? Vitamin D?).

I humiliated her (English teacher) in her course evaluation sheet. I am really really sick of her.


I HATE English teachers, I literally want to cut off their heads, because they suck. They suck because they even cannot describe the rules clearly. Cultivate good writers (sarcastic)? Ha, they are not even good writers themselves to make rules easy to understand.

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