Wednesday, November 16, 2005

1st semester in WSU-supplementary report

Nov 16 2005
My school life- 1st semester in WSU- supplementary report

In short: Have been very busy

I just have my computer science 122 (Data Structure) exam2 back
and I have the 2nd highest score. I got 72. The teacher just didn't count the exam into the grade. The best one scores 73. The last computer exam I'm the 5th and scored 90. He give too much questions this time, and it should take 1 hour 40 min, not 50 min. He cover too much on stuff that DIDN'T go through in class, and therefore, everyone screw up.

I have pre-warn Angela in IM that "Expect this kind of bastard exams in the future."
1.Abandoned playing piano and do a lot of programming past 2 weeks
2.Cook once every week

3.Angela and Chia-ee are surprised that I can make cakes. I made 2 cakes, and both of them are successful, but I don't have time to do now like this now.

4.At least 6 hours EE lab per week. So there are 5 sections of EE lab, each section 2 hours, I need to attend at least 3 of them to get my lab perfect. so 6 hours, on tue, wed,and thu.

5.Buy groceries per 1.2 months, because I am too busy.

6.Don't have time to update website, and it is not update for 1.3 years.
7.Don't have time to edit my music, so I can publish my piano CD.
8.Taking 14 credits (below normal level of credits), while others taking 17 and I still feel overwhelming.(I want to make it perfect, it can be the reason.)
9.I sleep at least 2 days per week in school to get my HW done--to save time.
10.also bath once per two days--to save time.

Every part of the system is invented--to saving time.
English Improvements

Recently got 90 in a writing midterm, in a general education requirement class CES 403 (Tier III)
It is 2098 words (5.5 pages) was written within 3.5 hours (around 1 character per second), and I am very proud of it

Compared to 2 years ago, I have a record that writing 10 pages and the professor said he don't understand half of the essay and gave me a bad grade. I feel much better now. In this semester (probably more in future), every week an exam.
you should have a look on Star trek series (I watched Star trek solely for my CES 403 class midterm). I borrow some series from Netflix. (and I cancel the membership last thursday because the free trial ended.

free trial, won't hurt.
Star trek is very philosophical and discuss about moral stuff, not just a sci-fi TV series, it is more than that.
1.bought my speaker and wireless mice and keyboard, webcam (all logitech)
2.upgraded my laptop HD from 30 Gb to 80 Gb, so my laptop run faster (50% faster)
3.the 30Gb HD become on flash drive that I can carry everywhere, can't live without it.
4.a laptop cooler (or my laptop will suffer from half-death again.) Number 1 laptop killer is overheat. Plus, my laptop is getting old, it is P4 so it is easy to get overheat. So buying the laptop a laptop cooler is the solution.
so the above tech upgrade will get my life easier.

They are all my investments so I don't have my pain in my back.
I use the investment every day, so they are not luxury.
I formed alliance with my classmates, we help each others. I am and we are learning.

one of my friend also has one sames look like this
There is always a few buddies of the alliance on MSN, and we are all computer science.
I learned how to be actively feed information, so that they don't feed shy to ask me. And therefore, I can ask them.
(But it is not always be so verbose. You know.)
try active alliance, for you, especially tough classes.
if you have any questions and you have any update from you to say, please "feed" me, I am happy to do so. It actually saves time.
("I think")
because you can ignore me, while I am typing.
and guess what. it can be my website content after the feed, that is why I am typing so much and through.
("It may not be the way you work, I understand.")

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