Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas. UW or WSU?

2004M12M25(Un):Merry Christmas. UW or WSU?


This article is extracted and summarized from a MSN conversation among Kenneth, Pakk, Chris and me. This article explains in detail why I don't go to UW, but WSU.


The conversation is broken down in a few diaries so that the dicussion topic matches the title of the diary


you know what? I am about to recover from my skin disease forever.
I got the right medicine.
I find it for 13 years, start from 8 years old I got ??
I need to tell you how serious it was.
before I got the medicine. I cannot count how many times I feel itchy
I find the right medicine 2 days ago.
inside elbow, leg, neck, every day 10 itch
so, I feel much better now?
2 week ago, 12:00am on the bed, I cannot sleep stay up until 3:00 and I sleep
seriously affect the Grade of Music 201
I late to the final of Music 201
final ended ontime
it is really a damn situation

Eat more, gain fat!!!
Did you guys slimmer than before
I eat a lot! fat accumulating
hey what is the circumference of you thigh
I am 65cm !
have a soft rubber ruler?
or just a hard ruler is fine

Common Questions about where I am going to further my study.

Are you applying UW for next year, by the way?
100% for WSU, no UW

UW is Univ of Washington it is close to downtown Seattle
In Bellingham is Western Washington, a local Univ
I have good friends there in WSU (Washington State Univ, kind of south east of the washington state)

why don't you go to UW??
Although my GPA is relatively high, that is irrelevant
UW undergrad is not as good as we think
the 1st reason, stephine, who teach phy 121, 122, 123, says UW professor is too focus on grad school, but not under grad


2nd reason, I don't have confidence to get in UW computer science immediately


3rd reason, Bob Shaw, who teach Computer 142, says for international students 3.9/4.0 GPA are almost required for entry of UW computer science department
I only got 3.8


4th reason
I hate TOEFL. My listening is stuck. I don't want initialize too much energy in English.


5th reason
I don't want myself burn fat in UW, I would prefer get a honor bachelor or something similar in WSU, and then apply UW grad school
It sounds easier for me.
so, I'll stay there for 2 years

most of the HK guys from SCC to UW
they enter UW general for one year
retake classes
meaningless, time-costly, money-costly as well
a few HK to WWU
about engineering, most of them go to UW

the 6th reason
the scholarship:
first level scholarship 3.2 or above, 1000 per semester
second level scholarship 3.6 or above, 2000 per semester
I will have the 2nd level. ( it is for international student too, I double checked )
I'm writing personal statement for WSU scholarship these days.
but I have to write a lot for the application
2 essay, each within 2000 words
I say that again each at most 2000 words

the 2nd essay is interesting. I break the dull words to draw attention.
but I am kind of running out of ideas. truly. 2000 words I don't want to spam, frankly.
yea. at least I glad I have this on the essay

in WSU i will do Bachelor of Arts Computer science
music minor (required for BA of CS in WSU)

I took the Music 201 ( 2nd year theory), 3.3
I skipped 102, 103, it is risky
I am kind of having a good grade
I took Math 126
I did a 4.0 in Sandven's class
I plan not to retake math 208 next quarter (winter qtr)
it is the lowest, 3.1
I go to WSU, I don't have to do a crazy high GPA
I would do Math 211 ( business Math)
I am taking econ200 ( i did ) , econ 201 ( next qtr), account 210 (i did), account 220 ( next qtr)

I don't do the TOEFL for all kind of things above happen.
(supplement on 2005Y12M25: I have taken toefl in HK a little less than 2 years ago,2003.I have taken more than 80 credits, so the English test are waived.)



Pakk: Have you contacted Chris, by the way?
he is in edmond with his sister

Me: He is a WSU student, but he was late to apply the scholarship last year
I told him even continuing student is eligble for the scholarship.
Kenneth is there (in WSU) too!

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