Saturday, December 25, 2004

I won the piano outstanding jury by Chopin Winter Wind

2004Y12M25(un):I won the piano outstanding jury by Chopin Winter Wind

This article is extracted and summarized from a MSN conversation among Kenneth, Pakk, Chris and me.

The conversation is broken down in a few diaries so that the dicussion topic matches the title of the diary

I won the piano outstanding jury in SCC last qtr (fall 2004)
it is the hardest chopin
I will do the honors recital
My performance will be recorded on Audio CD
mail you an mp3 after I got the CD
yea this really really enhance the resume!
I play better than the computer.
I play it very dynamic, very emotional
and I play faster than this
someone says it is above 3 cert of diploma
before this I start the transcription
transcription means another composer modify the original piece.
see which one you like the best
transcription is way much harder
and it is more exciting.
of course, I can't do the transcription, I can't do it.
too hard.
the next goal is the Flight of bumberbee -- Rimsky Korsakov (clorax bleach ad)
the chopin winter wind those crap that is falling down is chormatic scale + appreggios ( mi mi do do la la mi mi do do la la)
bumberbee is just chormatic scale
bumberbee is rated advanced 4+
chopin winter wind is rated advanced 6+

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