Saturday, December 25, 2004

The grade

Eng101 3.3 Math 3.3 Phy 4.0 Music 172 4.0

I hate English writing even more after English 101, especially when that David Martin told me there is no way to be a good writer. I was pissed off on the 13th day, I tell you.

Careless is the properties of human, who bless me to have misread the questions in the first page of the first mid-term and lost 40 points out of 100, then I am limited to get 3.5 maximum in the rest of the quarter? This is my situation. Grade is just a number, it is not how well I learn though.

Physics - for me - I am just careful and prompt, from the beginning to the end - I hate to do that so carefully, but I have to.
Music - I got a honorable mention in the jury. There is also a grade which is called outstanding students, only 4 out of 39 piano students in Shoreline Community College can get that, and those 4 are music major students.
Besides, I am delighted because I am computer science major and got a honorable mention which only 9 out of 39 piano students can get this. Good job here.

A month break for Christmas, I must well spend my time, or I will fail myself!

Job in this break:
Look into all unversity I interested and may apply them.
Read all Harry Potter from book3 to book 5.
Publish diary writer 1.5
Debug the web site more.
Enjoy the Christmas break with the western family - Judy.
Learn 2 books Debussy pieces and Mozart Sonatas
Learn and install Linux

What's a busy month, but I will let myself to follow my own pace, I will not hurry myself. However, I will do these things fast because I like to do that.

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