Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The messy piano chords

I have figured out the tricks for Chopin Waltz No.2. I am so committed to make the song work out. For piano gurus: 1. The left hand chord fingering are simplied. 2. I try to think both hands independently while playing ultra intensive chords. 3. I practice left and right hands separately for lots of times. 4. I have redesign my thinking to get optimized performance while playing ultra intensive chords. 5. I am interested to memorize the whole piece by the deadline March 2004. (A lot of time) Plus, I have memorize 60% of the Bach French Suite No.2. By Christmas, I will memorize the whole suite. Why I want to memorize it? The reason is I love it. More, I was the voluteer to help the concert "At the Brisk of Modernism" in my school, Shoreline Community College, the two performers can memorize songs more than 30 mins, like a "MP3 machine". and their techniques and tricks are excellent.

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