Saturday, August 21, 2004

The first time back to Hong Kong

2004Y08M21D(un):The first time back to Hong Kong

written on:2004Y12M25(un) toughly Christmas time


These years, I get rid of most of my timid.
my confidence overcome it.
when I was small, my aunts say I do nothing good.
"That is stupid to the extreme."
"Your way doesn't work."
due to the whole family have more wealth, those aunts move out .
after those aunts move out, I recover for a long time. I am so lucky.
Now they still don't think I am reliable.
the recent summer I back to HK, and the family have BBQ
I perform 4 forks 16 sanuages.
kind of scary
I challenged them.
and my mom is so afraid.
and she force me to give her 2 forks
I did that more than 10 times and 1 fail.
no burns on sausage.
they just don't trust.
Like an antique
old isn't good.
new isn't bad.
new can be good.
old can be bad.

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