Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Am I really want to say goodbye to Nancy?

Nancy, as you know, she is my 5th piano teacher. She is a kind lady who always gave me overtime for my lessons because I am very willing to learn. Actually I was thinking I am about to leave Shoreline Community College as I was waiting the reply of Western Washington University. I have taken photos with Nancy because I love her as my teacher. Her advantage is that she allows me to learn piano pieces that I feel interested. Her disadvantage is that she is too picky on my wrong notes. She is very resourceful though. She tell me when to use the Music dictionary. I often ignore the marks in some piano pieces that I don't understand. Well, she is right. Because we are not dictionary, so we have to learn music with dictionary if there is music symbols that we don't understand.


Western Washington University(WWU) is in Bellingham, a small suburb (farm) city that is very beautiful (as Arthur West said). Bellingham is the north of Seattle, so the weather is colder there than in Seattle. I was looking forward that I can get transferred. To my disappointment, WWU did not admit me because I don't provide a certificate of University of Southern Queensland Hong Kong program(USQ). Well, what I have to say is that that USQ is slow and they have mail me the certificate even though I have finish that thing almost a year and a half before. Plus, I don't take any credit class in USQ, so there is no point to report that USQ. I do not have the certificate for my WWU application because USQ put it off.


I help Nancy with faculty recitals every quarter since I was her student. I remember that her homemade cookies are tasty. Fruit punch, salad, biscuits with french cheese inside. Apart from prepare food for the end of the recitals, so that everyone can eat after the recitals, I moved the chairs, taking care of elders, clean up the table, pick up rubbish in the recital hall to keep the hall clean. After the summer, Nancy need my help to put the 3 woodboards on the pavements for two quarters in SCC. These woodboards are stuck with road signs to tell people there is a recital going on. I still remember where those 3 woodboards should be placed. It is 5kg per woodboard. 1 woodboard is placed on the school's roadway main entrance's pavament, the second one is placed at the junction of Main entrance and the way going to Music building, which is on the same block as the bus stop. The 3rd one is locate at the turn of towards to outdoor car park around recital hall.


I do remember Nancy's car is a red, with the license plate named the car Opus IV. I don't know how and whose "Opus IV" impressed her, but I know there is a Opus IV studio in Shoreline Community College. The name is actually kind of cool, as I am a "half-breed" musician, while I a truly a computer scientist.


I was playing Arnold Schoenberg (American-Austrian composer) who invented the 12 tone scale that is so dissonant, namely you cannot sort out the tonic of his song. I played one of them which is called Klaierstuck No.2 Op. 23. In fact, as Nancy told me, her grandmother was a student of Arnold Schoenberg. It is very interesting that I feel the connection between Arnold and me. In this quarter, again, no surprise, I got a honorable mention well my hard to memorize 1-minute-and-10-second song.


I tried improvising music, my intention is that I have listen a lot of music. I got the style and feeling of them. As the consequence, I have a lot of amazing music in my mind. This music is unique to me, it is always what I want to play these idea out. Before I come to the US, I have already gotten the idea that I can describe a situation, my mood or others mood in terms of music. I have practiced improvisation for 5 years (from Form 4 to 2004 Jun) However, I am shy to improvise in front of others. Well, but my inspirations, responsiveness and flexibility has been improving more time. This positively affect my studying skills, and problem solving skills directly. Thanks, piano. I always feel I have a good time for a few hours with piano.

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