Saturday, May 01, 2004

Teachers' idiom and CS 143 at Shoreline Community College

Notice: The date is around the time this diary should be written down, the date is inaccurate. I make this diary up to remember who is Phyllis Topham at Shoreline Community College, a kind computer science who looks like my maternal grandmother.


written on:2005Y12M29 17:07


Phyllis Topham is my computer science 143 teacher. She is a kind elegant lady. People think she is talking too slow, and solving problem reluctantly. Nonetheless, I found her informative when I ask her specific programming questions, which is the kind of questions that is not about "My program is screwed up, can you help me?"


In my opinion, "My program is screwed up, can you help me?" is the famous, and notorious question that shows student incapability and their frustration. I avoid asking this question, because it is not a programmer can ask.


Phyllis, I will always remember your kind smile. (I got a 4.0 out of her class.)


Her idiom:Okay. Time for the test. Turn off the monitor to avoid unnecessary radiation get into your eyes.



Other idioms:


Stephine Diemel (SCC phy 121 to 123)

1. "super duper"

usage: There is a super duper huge telescope.

2. "Make sure you name are on the quiz, pass it from the left to the right."

usage: (This idiom is said when the stressful popup quiz is about to be ended.) 


Jack R. Hagemeister (WSU cpts 122, cpts 322)

"Clud" "Clut" (it is not even a word in the dictionary)

usage: There is too much "clut" in this code. (I guess "clut" means "clutter")


Andrew O' Fallon (WSU cpts 121, cpts 224)

"It is very exciting, isn't it?"

usage: (after a huge trunk of information has been introduced. He is very fond talking about the topic.) It is very exciting, isn't it? (The fun thing is that the whole class seems nonchalant about his exciting conclusion.)



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