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Conclusion for Winter quarter 2004 at Shoreline Community College

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This diary is memorized until today, 2005Y12D31, I write it down.



This spring quarter I am no longer a Math tutor at MLC, because

1. Scott want to cut the stuff by half due to the budget of MLC.

2. I prefer working on Friday only and Scott don't like that.

3. Then, I don't want to be a Math tutor anymore because be a MLC tutor is energy consuming.


I was responsible to scan the notes into the computers. I am the best person to do these organizing and scanning stuff. Due to the budget of MLC, I have to stop anyway. I predict there is no one continue the project. I am very sorry about that.


Last winter quarter, my GPA screwed up. I withdrawal the EE 215, and for the Chemistry 140,141 I should have work harder. Nevertheless, I was running out of time throughout the quarter. It is the alarm that my time control are still not considered mature. The Math 208 was my lowest grade ever--3.1. It is unacceptable in my opinion. (Well, the English 200 in WSU is 2.7. Holy crap.) The Math 208 course structure is this, one mid-term, one final, if the 1st final do well, then I don't have to do the 2nd final exam. If I do better in the 2nd chance final, I could still got a 4.0.


Sarah Laden in Math 208 (With very very loud voice):"NEVER     EVER      to put ...."


Angus said, "Sarah is a good teacher, and everything should be easy. However, no matter how loud her voice is, half of the class tends to fall asleep."


My opinion is that her exams are very creative, so that half of the exams questions are not I expected; therefore, it is one of the reason that I screw up in her class.


Talk about Phillp Phephen (sorry I don't remember how to spell his name) was my Chemistry 140/141 teacher. 141 is the lab which was 2 credits and 140 is a 4-credit class.The leature is 7:30am in the morning that the sky is still black, and I just felt I woke up at midnight. Winter morning is cold, not to mention the time before it. As the results, quite a lot of students were absent in his class, and even more people who are late. The lab report format was really strict that I always lose some points despite the fact that I have been extra careful. The exams are always long enough that only a few (may be no one) could finish it on time to get a high score. The homework are really a burden. Prelab, lab, homework, lab report--That was a lot to do in a week.


Now I am in Spring quarter, I feel like get out of the time deficiency hell. As I know, Angus and perhaps Max do more MLC in winter quarter. Angus took even more than I did. I have no eyes to see myself, not to mention Angus. In fact, I was pity of him. We exchange notes. Angus drafted the notes. Because I had more time than he did, so I know more than him. Therefore, I write a lot of stuff that do cover in the exam that Angus didn't know before the exam. He didn't even have time to study, so did I. That is really a tragedy.


What was a time relieve is that, Stephaine is not my Physics teacher; instead, Arthur West was my Physics teacher. He is the dean of Astrology, Physics, and one more subject ( I forgot). He is a kind old man. He had a human-sized Einstein paperboard standing behind the door. Yea, Einstein standing behind the door as if he were real (A part of the door was made of perspex so I can see thorough it.


During the quarter he was using a lot of interesting experiments to stimulate our thoughts, of course he is not always successful because his leatures was way less stressful than Stephaine's. He has his way of sense of humor, trying to make his audience laugh, compared to the ruthless of Stephaine I feel during her the class. Arthur didn't have popup quizzes. Even we don't do well in exams he will grade the exams losely. In contrast, Stephaine as popup every week! He curve somehow, but Stephaine doesn't. Stephaine is scary, right? Yes, she is.


Still, after more than a year and a half, I still remember I got a 3.8 in Arthur's class. I thought it is 3.2 because I judge my performance with Stephaine standard.


I remember he was trying to learn Mardarin. Before I was his student, he has been to China. At the summer quarter 2004, he went to China again to teach physics. Yes, I remember he has his Chinese umbrella in his staff room. I really respect him.


Arthur's Physics lab. "Don't ask me what to do in the lab. You decide." is the idiom he most used in the lab. Unlike Stephaine, Stephaine always have the goal of every experiment is well define, at least somehow define. However, Arthur let us decide what to do in experiments. We are often lost, so we ask Arthur. Then Arthur will say, "Just DO it. If you don't know the results, DO it. Why you guys asking me?" "You guys are very funny."


If we were stuck in the lab, Arthur would say "Think." and he use the meter stick to point at us. He did this very often especially when he see his students are stuck during the exams. This is very funny of him.


I was trying to apply UW but I don't have enough time to apply it.


For some other students, spring quarter is their last quarter. I am still wondering UW, WSU or Western Washington or other universities. I have talked with Arthur West about Western Washington. Stephaine says UW undergraduate are not a good program. UW professors are too concertrated on their researches. It is common in UW that TAs become instructors. It is also common that one UW professor has to leature 700+ people at a time. The quality of teaching thus being questioned.


People in the college ask me where I will transfer to. I sometimes said WSU, sometimes UW, sometimes Western Washington, because I am putting off to make this decision as I need to study. What I have discover is that to know a university well, it is equivalent to taking one 5-quarter-credit class. In order to make this kind of important decision I have to be careful. I have think about the TOEFL test as well when I apply university. This is why my Winter quarter and Spring quarter is way too much for me to think. No kidding.

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