Tuesday, February 03, 2004

To HimHim and Miss Leung- Catholic Society

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You may print this out to Miss Leung. Let's discuss my viewpoint. I believe it will be useful.


Title:Let ALL the students know what is "Catholic Way"?


I am going to say the truth. A majority of CSK students do not like to pray - they don't enjoy it. They don't get any benefit in praying because they don't believe in god. Imposing students to pray means to make them having resentment. This kind of resentment stop them to recongize god. What god means to them is a hollow image.

Praying and reading gospel in English is a good practice - only for who believe in god (Catholic Students). However, a majority of students are ignoring what is saying in the bible. They are forced to expose in ceremonies. Gospel in English? They will even more ignore these gospels.


What is the school lack of is the testimonies of people. (chinese sound like: Kien Chain) The school is lack of good Catholic students example for our students to follow, the remedy is to invite more spirit groups which are outside of the school. CSK students do not have a proper image about a religous catholic. Or they may think it is unnecessary to be religous. Believe me, the school need to set up role models. These role models may not be in the school, but mostly outside of the school.

For the students in CSK, it is better to assume your audience to be all non-catholic. However, the ceremonies are targeted into Catholic students and this practice is not a good idea. Having Testimonies, telling story to let the non-catholic students know the connection between god, the things which are happening around them, and themselves are extreme important.

However, HK education system do not encourage critical thinking and critical thinking is the most critical thing that CSK students lack of. Students do not know "how to connect the events which they encounter in daily life" to "what god is doing on them". They don't know how god involve in their life. Therefore, they are unable to try to believe in god.

In my viewpoint, praying is a high level communication. Apparently, most CSK students do not reach such a high level. However, they should be allowed to try praying. CSK students do not know the connection between praying (not only praise the god, if someone thinks praying is only for praising the god, they are naive their religion).

Please, don't just pray! Non-catholics do not know what you are doing. Explain. At very least, tell them the connections. CSK students are not stupid, indeed they are smart guys originally. Once they get the idea, they will probably do well. Do not doing things that are abstract to non-catholic students. (Praying is already the hardest thing they can do, but NOT THINKING.) Now it is common that graduated CSK students do not think "Catholic way is also a good way to follow apart from their own ways." after 7 years of catholic education because they don't know what is "Catholic way".

One point I should clarify is: We are not going to convert non-catholic students to catholic. BUT, we should let them know they can get benefits when they try to think in "Catholic way". That is enough for them to get the "Spirit" (the "notions") of Catholic way. I am not lowering the standard, in fact, I am raising the standard (the requirement.) If they get the spirit, they can have "further development" in their life. If you do what I suggested, Catholic Society will be more useful in the school.

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who is the new chairman? give me his ICQ number if he want. I believe my advice is useful.

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