Tuesday, February 03, 2004

To Him Him and Miss Leung of Catholic Society CSK,again

Could you please use only English please? The Chinese message becomes a "mess" when it appears on my screen!

I am still in Hong Kong. I am studying in USQ's (University of Southern Queensland) college in Tin Hou (In HK island). At there the traffic is not as busy as in Mong Kok (The lecturers in USQ told me to study in Tin Hou at the Orientation Day). However, I may leave for :-& Australia when I study BIT (Bachelor of Information Technology), but it will be 4 months later.

Well. I has been improving my English since late July:-&. (Wonderful? It is the Present prefect continuous tense. Is it awesome, isn’t it?  :-&)

My English grammar has been much improved. It was the most awkward part for me to fix it. Now, I am studying lots of vocabularies.

Thus, don't worry or causing yourself much anxiety.

If you print the message to Miss Leung, she must notice I had done something that is constructive after the 13,July (713, the date I took the make-up exam :-&).

It was a disaster comparing to 911.  I has carried a grief:-& feeling as same as the people 911. Fortunately, I had a fast recovery. It is a ground zero. I will never forget that.

Now I am used to:-& follow my regular and comfortable timetable. I get up at 6:30 at morning and the whole family goes to Kowloon by my father's 7-seated family. At 8:15 I read my English books (they're Reader’s Disgest and Harry Potter). Until nearly to ten, I walk to Hong Hong Central Library and at noon to six I have my lessons in USQ. The three places are in walking distances X-(.

I would like to have a sharing with you.(If it is possible, print it and you may talk about me with this newsletter.)I am saving myself now, though I helped others in my Form 6. You are very lucky, my dear. I was forced to have no friend which I can entrust :-& in my primary school's school life. Sadly, I don't know anything but a thousand of questions arise in my mind. What I am going to do in my future? Why I have to live in this world? Why I am a human, not being an animal. I was completely confused and not in order. I was a student who was lacking in:-& motivation because I cannot answer these questions. Why should I work hard? When I work hard then what happens?(I will try to answer these later)

 Not to deceiving you, I cannot speak well even in Cantonese. It was a tradition that I ignore these questions because I cannot have a good chance to speak to anyone.

No! It is "I could not speak well" and "answer these questions later" );)

When it was a month before starting my Form 6. I admit to serve my committee members and younger boys. It was my will. (Miss Leung, so far I can say it is my will to serve them, but sometimes I felt I was in risk.) Despite the committee nags me for many times, I understood I was serving them wholeheartedly and faithfully. (I swear the Catholic Society was bathed in love, united with faith.:|) Nevertheless, I was afraid to talk with the LaSalle brothers (Speak in English). I was never go straight into the matter of Catholic Society with them. The most discouraging was I missed the two gold chances to talk about Catholic Society with him. He talked with my classmates and me actively! I missed him a lot. He never knows I was the chairman! I hope our chairman Chan Pak Kwan can have a chat with him.

Now, :D I am going to answer what I had raised in my childhood:

Life is not to only to survive, but also to achieve.  Marvelous? I wrote it.

Help others to gain friends, to show how kind you are!

Do the best if you claim it is a god-blessed present that you are human, reclaim and explore which He gave you.

Be positive but conscious when you deal with problems, when we failed, we make sure to gaining through losing.

Love who are supporting you, who supported you and who will support you; I am afraid that if you lost them, you cannot get them back again. (Oh! My grandma!)

These words are the present to the Catholic Society. Bear them in mind and you will gain a lot! These are my laws!

Carry on. Beware I am being a ghost who will sometimes haunt in your meeting.:))

Death is another journey, don't be afraid. B-)

Very Best Wishes to you



P.S. If it is possible, I hope to see you all on I will be a big boy and a new me on Christmas. (Maybe I will give you a haunted look.):))

Some grammar mistakes have not corrected yet. I know that already. But don't be too strict! Miss Leung.

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