Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Math tutor

I am a math tutor in my school now. It is nice.

The math learning center (MLC) meeting for tutors:
On Monday, 3pm at MLC, 17 math tutors gathering together.

I am taking 18.5 credits which is more than normal. So I will work 6 hours a week on Monday and Tuesday, which is considered as a low-working hours tutor. Normally, a tutor work at least 10 hours, but I am know that I am busy and the time is unstable.

There are many rules and many places to remember in order to serve in MLC. The main rules are:

1. Maintain the MLC in a Math-discussing environment, no solicitating, no food, no drink, no small children, like a library, ask other students to stop politely.
2. No one can have access of the tutor resting room, which is a small room, and the examination drawer, which is the drawer
containing examination for current math students. Tutors will have to monitor the whole process of the makeup or extra math exams.
3. Make sure computer usage in MLC is math related. Printers are only allowed to print Math-related material like a math project.
4. Do not put your butt on the table while tutoring, it is very unprofessional. Dress well.
5. On time at work, if you have to be absent, find other tutors to replace you.

There are many small places like where to store sample exam
I need to know how can I get a sample exam for students, how to check out calculators, what to do when I get suck on Math tutoring (find scott, the math director.), the rules of selling math books (there is a large white board written with the books selling).

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