Wednesday, September 24, 2003

What's going on?

Although I am busy, I am energetic and happy because I study well in C++ and may be physics.
I had a week off after the English 101. I spent my time in C++ and do a lot of programming. I combined half of the Visual basic projects and upgrade VB codes into VB .NET format. In the process of translation, I found out that I always used vague and cumbersome logic in my early VB program. Sometimes errors appear even I have translated the code. Before I translate 1/8 of the code, I choosed to rewrite all the cumbersome code in the simpler one. My programming logic is more precise, accuruate and robust than before. I can easily completed my little old tiny programs after a day. I feel contented after I do something powerful on my previous code.
So I have learned some essentials of C++ data structure now, which covers from templates, link list, stack, sorting,recursive thinking, base syntax, operators overloading, inheritance, and casting, string class, time class, basics of iostream.class and standard library. I used C++ and data structure written by Savitch Walter. He states every thing clearly and I am impressed. I have a crazy learning in C++, and I am able to write more than a simple program in C++. I prefer C++ now sometimes as it is much powerful than Vb. And I have written a program to cheat in a bingo game.
The bingo cheat game is: normally the computer generate a 4-digit random number and let the player to guess the number. Like:
(Computer generate a 4-digit random number 1523, which is called password in the program.)
Output: Guess a 4-digit number: Enter> 1234
3 digit in the password and 1 digit in a right place. Guess again Enter> 5678
1 digit in the password and 0 digit in a right place. Guess again Enter> : : : : (until the player guess the password, the player wins and the game restart or the player quit the game.)
NOW, the situation has reversed. How about the user hold the password and let computer to guess the password&
It would be amazing:
(the player have a password 1523)
Output: I guess 1234 Enter how many right digits are in the password (enter -1 if you want to exit the program or the program have guessed the password right)>3 Enter how many digits are right and in the right place> 1
: : : : (until the computer can conclude the answer is 1234)
I have 1 guess left, so your password is 1234. NO kidding!!
(Is it smart&)

I have a good book of physics and I am currently studying physics 121 (mechanics, calculus based), people said it is hard to get a 4.0, but I will try anyway. I am committed to do all the readings ahead of study schedule of Stephenine (the instructor). I have studied some of the physics in Hong Kong and these knowledge help me gain understanding to this calculus based physics. I have studied Eng 101 by Martin (5 credits) before fall quarter start (but it is a fall quarter course.) Therefore, actually I am studying 12.5 credits but not 17.5 credits right now. Also, I am sure that I can finish all the homework in Math 126.
The instructor of the Math 126 class tell the class that the first 4 weeks in the killer, that means the course will be very different at first. Afterwards, the course will become easier. So I will paid all the time in studying both subjects, Math 126 and physics 121. I must trust myself, and I must believe the outcome will be great.
I found my verbal English jumped to the next level, although there is time that I suck when I speak. My verbal English is starting to use more vobuluaries, especially adjectives. I am trying to learn more nouns so that when those people say something that I am not familiar, I can deal with it.
In the future later I will write something about my first official lesson of piano in the United States.

The last thing I would like to share is the Homework guidelines in Physics 121 by Stephenine. It is very strict and sometimes I find the rules listed is ridiculous.
Homework Guidelines 1. Homework must be done in pencil, on engineering paper. OK 2. Write on the front side only, and not in the margins. OK 3. The method of soulution must be shown in an orderly fashion. 4. Place numeric answers in an orderly column at the right side of the page and put a box around each answer (HUH&) 5. Staple page together in the upper left-hand corner before coming to the class! 6. Write you name and lab hour (e.g. Tues 8:30) in the upper right hand corner. (it just like primary school, isn't it&) 7. Write the full assignment (chapter and problems assigned) in the upper left hand corner. (Left hand corner, Right hand corner, Left hand corner....%@#)%(*5) 8. Write legibly. If I cannot read you work, you will receive no credit.
And the first physics homework took me 7 hours and 15 pages (one sided) to finish up. (Every week I will have to hand in this quantity of work.) However, I have a good book, I think I am more willing to learning physics than ever before. The chapter are small enough for me to disgest. Unlike Hong Kong education, I have to learn all in 6 month or even shorter. I feel better to study physics in the United States than in Hong Kong can be contributed to my ability to hold complex information has increased. Nevertheless, I am emotionally feel I am OK to study at here and feel the worst if I study physics in Hong Kong.

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