Tuesday, September 30, 2003

quizzies of Physics 121 and Math 126

I did well in 1st pop-up quiz and 1st week HW (a lot of Homework) in the Phy 121.I think I did fine in the 1st math 126 quiz today and phy 121 2nd pop-up quiz yesterday is OK(may be).
I write a negative sign on an answer of math 126 1st quizzes that is not necessary. It is careless for me.
Someone describe Savage N. (instructor of math 126) is a devil, and she will make your grade sick.Someone describe Stephine D. (instructor of phy 121) is too hash because she take quiz on unteached matarials. (but you can read it, but it is difficult to understand without a teacher. Plus, I still do not feel Stephine take quizzies on untaught materials. I understood those concept in HK. So it is okay for me, but it may not good for others.)

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