Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Don't Stress out, Patrick; and it is your birthday!

I feel awful and sleepy today. I glad I received a "Happy Birthday!!" from Icarus Yeung, who is my dearest friend in Primary school and still having a good relationship today.

I am run out of battery, but still pretending quite cheerful with some sadness. I notice I have serveral grammar mistakes, but the idea of my reply to him is good.

Judy and Michael, who is my host, cerebrated my birthday. I found ambivalence in my feeling, because my mind is really jammed today. I have too much programming at homestay and readings in English 101. Even Judy sing the whole birthday song, I am still wordless but say "Thank you" only. They ordered a chocolate cake and we have the cake and some vanilla ice-cream after the pizza dinner. They noticed I am tired. They give me a coat which is in blue and black and a pair of trousers which is in muddy yellow as the birthday gift. She ask about the condition my 2nd uncle, who is having disease, and my family. I told her my mother did not phone me in the last week, and it may attribute to my sister's first school day of Form 2.

Judy's birthday is on October and Michael's is on April. I plan to give them a gift when they have their birthday.

Meanwhile, I discovered multithreading of visual basic and learned pointers, big-O analysis, dymanic memory, overloading operator, functions in C++. I have experience in recursive thinking in different language. Moreover, I am translating, improving the "string calculator", which can calculate + - * / more accurate and more capcity. It is not a new thing for me, the program is 4 years old already. It can calculate the + - * / of large numbers like:



178 * 99991249878192847819484894759238753875925738572847



And the answer is:





Is it interesting?
Don't Stress out. Patrick. So this night I pick up my hairs on my bed and sleeping and also relaxing.

To Icarus (In offline message of ICQ):

thank you. a year older. and my study is never a piece of cake. so do you. my mind is jammed today, and anxious about my birthday. What I have done in these years& Oh. Life has passed one forth. When I realized that what I have done is so little and not so effective as I supposed, a birthday cake is a symbol of concealing sadness of myself. So it doesn't make sense to receive birthday presents. Ah. Ah. Ah.

One advice: Always save your time.

I am learning C++ on my own now, and I release my beta version of webdiary (written in visual basic .net). It is on my web Try.
Don't forget I am in the US and try to apply a green card. Perhaps I will start my career in the US.

ok. A year have gone and I hope both of us can "overwhelming" our brain effectively to get success. (These years 60% of time is overwhelming, and the rest is the time that I am in full load.)

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