Friday, August 08, 2003

XT Diary Writer beta is released

XT Diary Writer is fully automatic now and it is very automatic to create diaries
in Html format. What you have to do is the create a new diary book and type
whatever you want.

User notice: 1. You must have to the .Net framework runtime installed. Go to
this site for more information
<a href="">Click
here to download the .Net framework runtime.</a>

2. You can extract the zip file whatever you want. And diarywriter is the
program for you to organize your diary. 3. Then upload the saved web page to
your website. 4. And your diary is on the web now! 5. Remember, when you upload
the diarybook (the folder which containing the diary in HTML format), please
upload the &quot;emotions folder&quot; and &quot;programs&quot; folder, or it will not work.

6. The mainpage of the diary will be &quot;programs/diary.htm&quot; of your diary folder.
Link this page to your other pages in your web site. 7. Done


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