Sunday, August 24, 2003

I have a lot to write in Eng 101!

Although I like writing, I hate to correct grammar and orgranization of an essay because it is very different. The instructor of English 101, Martin, who have good reputation in teaching English among Hong Kong students, taught the students freewriting. Freewriting, which is a kind of writing to express yourself with simple sentence and write continuously without worrying about the consistency of your sentences, is very useful. After a lot of freewriting, writer will try to put it together, shape it into different forms such as letter, portrait, story, dialogue or Persuasive Essay. Afterwards, proof read the organization of paragraphs, then the consistency of the sentences, and at last word choice and grammar and spelling.
This method sounds great for me. I should learn it earlier, perhaps I should learn it in my Form 4 and I would be better.

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