Monday, August 11, 2003

Advice to Him him - leaving CS is really your decision

Him Him ): [offline] I SAID I WILL LEAVE CATHOLIC SOCIETY AR !!!!!!! Him Him ): [offline] STULPID Him Him ): [offline] [multiple receipients] MY WEB AR !!!! The WAyWArd WAyfarer: I mean: This is your choice. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: No one is going to force you. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: if teachers are stubborn, their spirit in the club is "dead". How come you can make a dead body "alive" again& It needs god's power, not you. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: I am going say something honest. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: Don't get into the struggle in Catholic Society, you and I have proved the club is going to deteriorate, as is the school. What we do is let it goes to the worst situation. And someone (may be teachers) who is powerful will fix it. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: Take it easy. A flower cannot have all year blooming, do does the school. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: Is it clear& The school does not worth for you to waste effort in it. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: Yes, I can suggest some ways to help the club but it is not necessary to follow all the the saying I mention. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: (correction: all the saying I mentioned.) The WAyWArd WAyfarer: To deal with a issue that is no hope, you should abanbon it ruthlessly. I forgive you as your bad language is contributed to your commitment and stress. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: You should be ruthless, as the penalty of someone. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: Go! Do good job for yourself! You should love yourself. Do not stick to something that do not love itself. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: Continuing to help the club, it is right. However, loving yourself is right too. Again: This is your choice. You don't have to stick to something. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: OK. Then how about your faith to God& Are you going to be disloyal to God& No. I think it is not. You are definitely a good guy, there may be other time in your life to serve God, may be not now and may be in the unknown future. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: I must tell you the truth that you should not have any gulity in this little but serious matter. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: A point I should retain: Is the way of your presentation to others have so errors& ()
The WAyWArd WAyfarer: (it should not be your presentation of ideas having some problems, but you should think about that.)
Are they do not respect your experiences that you gained in the club& (may be)
Are the memories of the teachers are violatile& Yes. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: Is that worth for wo ka ming to try hard and recover the club& No worth, but that is his choice. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: What is going wrong&
One issue I know is your personal style is having some problems in cooperating with others. I know that you always scolding people during the time I was the chairman. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: Or see my augments:
quote: q1 why I should leave CS& quote: "In the committee members only me is a catholic but other is non-catholic" response:"A good follower of christian may not be a catholic, because a catholic may not be a good follower of christian." "But non-catholic may be lack of faith." The WAyWArd WAyfarer: When I was chairman lily listen some advice and still continue to do her job in the same way.

I should stress that "An organization can still survive without any particular person." But you are having great influence to the club.

It might be the personal style of Lily is blocking new ideas coming in. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: quote: "There are many people that only know how to flatter." response: (+)"It seems you thinks the outcome and the reputation you gained is not enough to assure that 'you are doing a good job.' " (-) "New members need encouragements or they may go away. That is what the advisor doing. BUT THE advisor should MAKE SURE THAT HIM HIM IS DOING A GOOD JOB."
The WAyWArd WAyfarer: quote:"Some people do not follow my order (vice-chairman's order), but they only follow teachers' orders." response:"vice-chairman should report this kind of disobedience. teachers should claim that vice-chairman have power to order them to do something." The WAyWArd WAyfarer: quote:" If there is serious matter happened, no one but only me have to fix it." response:" If you have time, call someone to do the matter for you, not do it all yourself. What you do is only urgent matter, important decision and serious matter taht cannot be handled by anyone else. teach someone to do it if the person do not know how to do the job, so that he can handle it on his own the next time." The WAyWArd WAyfarer: quote:"q4 no one is doing his own job&" quote:"I have to deal with the seniors in the first place, and what they say is 'Ho xx, you cannot do that, the next year we have to ... have to ..."

response: "most of the time, him's way is having the same result as lily's. " response:"lily seems stop him him in the matter which is not serious." The WAyWArd WAyfarer: OK.The response paper is ended. The WAyWArd WAyfarer: I can say you and lily are lack of frank to talk about the issue. Talk this seriously with her can help you to understand her the viewpoints. Also you may tell her what I think about your dismission article.

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