Wednesday, August 20, 2003

2nd quarter results at Shoreline Community College

Math 125 - 4.0
Intra 103 - 3.7

This quarter the Average GPA is 3.93. Not so good. If Dr. J take my extra credit into my consideration, I would have 4.0.

Dr. J did not give me extra credit (Slaying the dragon) that he promised, if he did, I could get 4.0.
It is a bad news. He said my final paper do not follow MLA reference format, and he said the grammar is not good. Plus he was confused when he read from top to bottom. Many unnecessary stuff was put in the paper.

The problem why he was confused when he read through the essay is still unknown, I hope Martin in English 101 will help me to address the problem. I am working on reading the untaught section of ESL level 8 textbook (English as Second Language). I also try to apply logic and algorithm to grammar structure, which is what I should do long ago. I am trying to design an algorithm to conclude the grammar structure I learned. An algorithm means more than heaps of worksheets and books. I am attempting to stop myself from making mistakes again. I hope stuff that is going on will be better.

I have bought the textbook of English 101, and think to study Physics 121 at North Seattle Community College (It is still a secret that why I am thinking about that).

I am preparing for the fall quarter. I am having a week off right now, and the next week will be Eng 101. And sept 22 I will have my phy 121 and Math 126 and Private Piano Lesson. I will take extra care about phy 121.

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