Thursday, July 17, 2003

Math 125 is still threatening my GPA.

GPA is very critical for me to transfer to UW. Now I can keep my GPA 4. However, when I will "break" the record? (Oh no! NO! Even 3.9 is unfavorable.)
Math 125 is still threatening my GPA, no matter how good my Intra-American Studies class result will be.
The class will cover definite integals, indefinite integals, substitution integal calculation, parts integals calculation, volumes of solid, arc length and more unknown things. Here is the table listing how further I go.


Is that I know before the class?

Now, is that what I familiar with?
indefinite integralsYesYes
substitution integral calculationlittle bit unclear conceptsYes
parts integral calculationunclear conceptsWorking
arc lengthNoNot teach yet
and more unknown things?Not teach yet

Probably, I will have a massive study to recover the tough situation that is now encounter.

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