Thursday, July 17, 2003

Intra-American Studies has ended.

Sister: [offline] WT's that???
Multicultural Studies- Intra-American Studies has ended. Wonderful. It have a large chance for me to get a 4.0 (quite sure).I consider it is a "Happy Ending" about this class.

Do not mail the parcel with supplies to me. Some Hong Kong Students in my school come back to Hong Kong. I can ask them to help us to take the parcel from Hong Kong to US. AND it will be FREE.
Now, what is left is Mathematics class 125. 60 to 80% of the course material is unknown, therefore I will contcentrate will my energy into the math class. In fact, in the recent month, I only study maths in the class and when I do the Homework. I use all of my time to the multicultral studies class.
I found out the Judy's house is better than Mary's house. But I will post the photos of "the chinese family" to the web. I prefer to live in homestay because it save my time a lot. But, if I move out from homestay (Homestay is quite close to rent a room), I will:
I will have no people to cook my dinner (eat at outside. more expensive)
Lower rent ($140 to $300)
Clean the toliet myself (now the host clean the toliet.)
Lesser Care(now taken care by homestay).
Quote: "WT's that?" ??????????
Response: Please speak proper English. I don't know what is "that" refer to. State your point clearly.
For "the chinese family" photos, go to

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