Thursday, July 17, 2003

Have a good rest. Math Test on next Tue: 22 July

Today, July 17, 2003, is the first time I miss a class because I am too tired. I also missed half of the Intra-America Studies class. However, it is not a big deal because I have asked and learned the material taught in the Math class in the today afternoon. The Intra-American Studies class is OK for me to miss as it is the last day with no quiz and no final exam.
The reason why I miss the class is that I am too relax since no quiz on Intra-American studies and I am too sleepy meanwhile. I didn't notice the alarm so I kept on sleeping, so that I was late to attend classes.
I sleep 2-4 hours a day because of Intra-American studies class's reading, but it is Okay.

To celebrate I have finished the Intra-American studies, on Friday there will be a extra long sleep (not kidding!!). And also I will have a good piano practice to have a advancement of piano playing and to prepare for the private piano class in fall quarter.

The math 125 class is the only class I take in summer quarter after Intra-American Studies ended. So Apart from celebrating, please end-up all problems in the Maths course! Don't be lazy!.!.....!!!!!!!! (Again I am speak to myself.)

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