Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Drop Intra American Studies and a talk with Annie

"Peace with difference" group is a volunteer group of Caritas (??). Annie and I are the member of the "Peace with difference" ( ????)

Here is the ICQ message to Annie:
Asking for ICQ numbers of others group members in the "Peace with difference" group
Ah...I have no ICQ numbers of others group members in the "Peace with difference" group(You know what I am saying). Could you ask them to authorize you to give me their ICQs? Simply give the numbers to me if you don't care about this issue. What are you studying, and are you having holidays?

Busy days...
I am not in the holidays(tough days are going on, most of the problems are English problems because my English is not competent.). I meet lots of Asians speak English as if their mother tongue. This is the problem I may not able to overable within this half of year. You see. What's a pity. In the US, good English a intergal part of confidence. What I am doing is worrying. But I promise, when the time I come back to HK, I will have my English perfect (I am not idealistic, because some of the course here requires at least "almost perfect" English.) ...

English problem - Drop a class So, I am going to tell you, I dropped a course just because my English problem. It is Intra-American Studies, composed of American History (40%, I dislike and even hate "history" in HK. I need to familiar with American history first to learn the subject.) and sociology(60%, the hardest part, English problems occur at here.) I wonder, I dropped the course, and get only 50% refund of the course(around $250US), that is a lot of money. It is a damn subject to study, and a subject which tear me into piece. Annie, perhaps you are lucky to study in HK. English is affecting my performance. Those native students read the textbook in 3 hours but it takes me 9 hours every day. The textbook use difficult vocabularies that is I have never seen. What I feel like is unfair. War-like days are not ended even I dropped the course, but it is much much better than before. Regardless, I hope you won't get frustrated(or not too frustrated) on your studies like me.
May peaceful days follow you.
P.S. the instructor said I will pass the subject but I will not a hardtime to do well in class or get a good grade. Don't be too passive(I am saying to myself).

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