Wednesday, July 02, 2003

All are coincidents, drop and re-enroll the class

I dropped the multicultural studies today and re-enroll the class again and get a "pass and fail option" in an hour ago. Die and weak again. Not die but the body are weak. Phone me on Thursday (I do not want you use my time in the weekdays. It is very busy.)
It sounds ridiculous to anyone. It likes a joke. However, for me, it is not.
(die and alive in the course)
I don't know I can get a "pass and fail" before I dropped the class. After I get the refund, I know that I can get a "pass and fail" in the course from my friend, Angus (if I get that, the subject will not count into my GPA).
Therefore, I reverse my decision after I get the 50% refund of the course. I have just identified Steve (the head of the registration office) and Noy (the gate-keeper of the International office) are very helpful and great people in my life in shoreline community college. Thanks to Angus, who is a Hong Kong guy and an international student, I know I have make a big mistake to drop the class instead of getting pass and fail.
I am sure that I become a lucky one again after this critical event.
It won't happen if my instructor is not in the school, the administration office do not reverse the process of withdrawing the course, and the advice of Angus (the advice to urge me to get a "pass and fail" instead of dropping the class.)
It won't happen and it seems lots of coincidence at a time. All the things happened just within couple of hours. You see. Amazing.
I feel happy and relieve after that.

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