Friday, June 13, 2003

Estimate my GPA

The following is the estimation of my GPA.

GPA1st QtrCreditGradeW Grade 
Maths 1240.92684753.7684661.712939 
Compu 1420.95541.818182 
ESL 80.83506302.850625P<-Pass
Piano Ess0.9713.90.354545 
  Credit Taken11



The maths teacher is not very kind to give extra credit (extra credit means points that can compansate the losing points in test and exams)

I get a pass and fail grade in ESL 8 because my English is not good enough to get a 3.8 or above. I will get 2.850625 in ESL 8 if I get a decimal grade point.

Whatever, the spring quarter have been ended, congratulations!

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