Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Before the spring quarter exam

Oh no, dear. Why your eyes are so vulnerable to be tired, sister?
Do not post the stuff to me until I tell you to do so. Do not hurry.

Phone me on the Saturday. Read all of the following carefully, every words is important.

"Jacky Chan", who is the man in the optical shop, has given me the screw and nails (it is in a transparent plastic bag) that is suitable to repair the glasses. However, on the day I leave HK, I give it to mother or father because it is illegal to bring the screw on the plane. I have asked them to deliver the screw after I am in Seattle a few months.

Send me the books on Physics (2 textbooks, the fifth edition in the Physics book) and Chemistry textbooks (3 textbooks), the screw with nails, and the CDs with music (They are CDRWs, copy one set in CDR, and send the CDRWs to me.)

Later on, I may send you lots of music because the host have lots of music CDs in his house.

After I paid my summer quarter tuition (not the fall quarter tuition yet) and take out $US1200 for my homestay "from june 20 to August 19" (2 months).

My autumn tuition will be around $US2700 (includes insurance) as I take 18.5 credits.

I have won the second scholarship (Piano scholarship), I don't have to pay to the private instructor (Nancy), but I still have to pay to the college.

The most amazing is my Physics lesson (121) at fall quarter, 9 HK guys (including me) in the same class. I will study Maths 126 in fall too, but I am still in the waiting list because the class is full; however, people supposed I can get in the class. I am waiting for the people to drop the math 126 before the quarter starts.

I hereby thanks to the HK students at here, they have helped me to choose a right teacher instead of choosing a nasty teacher. (maths- don't take crystal, eng 101 take martin, phy don't take Stephanie)

I have to change the host during the summer break (between 15 to 22 june) as the current host family will have a vacation (go to a journey) in this period. The current host family have arranged my place to go during their vacation. I can still come back to the current host during their vacation. I will come back to the current host after their vacation ends.

I have written a draw poker program which just act like a real casino. It is the extra credit project, so I earned around extra 12 points in the test. As a result, I don't have to worry about computer final exam (on Friday 8:00-10:00am). However, math final exam (on Thursday, tomorrow 8:00-10:00am) is critical, I have to score 94 out of 100 points to get a 4.0 grade point.

I hope I will have a 3.9 or above in my first quarter. I get a pass and fail in my ESL 100 course, so that it would count into my GPA. I am opt for a good GPA.

If there is anything unclear, phone me on my Friday night. There is still a lot to tell all of you. I may have no time to check the ICQ again until the upcoming Saturday.

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