Friday, May 02, 2003

Speed of adaption-amazing

Oh just a month and more, too much to learn in US. And meeting new people are not easy. I had a hard time to memorize Japanese, English names and even Chinese name. I learn new peoples' name every day. Some of the new people wants to know more about me since I am an somehow interesting person for them. They are nice in general. Crazy in learning maths, computer, music and English in academic, and crazy in memorizing names, rules and figure out personalities of new people. Here is an example:

A message for John, the ESL 100 teacher:


Before saying anything, I would like to ask one question. In the introduction sheet of ESL 100, the "Grading" section, you say (generalization ;) ) "You may choose either a decimal point grade (0.7-4.0) or P/Z." How can I make decision to choose the decimal point grade or P/Z? What do you mean by "P" and "Z"?

This is my first quarter, my first time to expose to an English speaking country and my first arrival in US. I knew nothing about US, not saying the US education system. I am not used to listen English all the time when it was my first month. But I feel better now this month. (It is not very horrible in the first few days for me, but strange.) Meanwhile, I am still adapting the environment and I am trying to pace myself up to do better in class. I am trying my best.

Besides, I have two classes just before this ESL class. My performance is not always in a top shape. But I promise to be more involve in the class. I feel well with discussion groups but feel not very comfortable when someone ask questions to interrupt your teaching.

"Lord of the ring", and "Harry Potter 2" are the only movies that I watched in this year, so I have a vague idea of the movies. And I seldom listen to pop songs as pop songs especially English pop songs as these songs are annoying. I do not like resentful pop songs and complaining pop song singers in the radio.

If you really want to know more about me. Visit
my website(Of course, in English) (

and please visit
My diary: Patrick's Most Current (Of course, in English) I write heaps of English on the site and most of them are in standard English, seldom using shorthands to complete the sentences. It is open for everyone on the internet. Feel free to read them, and I would be happy if you make a response after you read the diary.

Explain situation
I have no internet access at my homestay and I am forced to get online at school. Lucky, I have my private laptop at my homestay.
Therefore, I prefer to ask questions in batches on this forum and check the forum on regular basis.

I am having Computer Science as my major and study some music course for elective credits. And here you are the essay that I wrote for the scholarship: (But I am not going to ask you for a recommendation letter, someone else has helped me to do this. Thank you. Moreover, it is understandable that you does not know me well in my 1st quarter.)

That is all. Thanks for reading these stuff and spending patience to know more about me.


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Hey! U have watch Mummies2~
U forget???

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