Thursday, May 22, 2003

Music Scholarship Letter

Patrick Yau (Proofread version)

This music scholarship have a significant effect on me. There are many reason to explain why I must have this scholarship in order to help me to have a more wonderful experience with music.

First of all, I am a full time international student. I have to pay a lot for every credit and it is really hard for my parents to support me to have a study on music in US. Moreover, I have no income as I study on music. Moreover, I have no income as I study full time. I need some financial support to help my parents.

In addition, I haver no music lessons in USA except the piano essemable lessons in Shoreline Community College until the fall quarter. The only way to contact a piano teacher is in the piano essemble course.

I am eager in piano ensemble course as I find it is interesting in cooperating with others, but also I like to appreciate music.

This scholarship will help me to equip myself as a good piano teacher. I have a grade-8 certificate from Royal School of Music and I plan to complete my diploma in the near future.

I hope I can have the scholarship to let me have a more great experience in music. I am grateful to the founder of this scholarship.

Remarks: I am sorry that I only have one recommendation letter from Nancy as this is my first quarter in Shoreline Community College. Therefore, teachers at here do not know me well. As a result, I only got one letter for application. I hope you will consider my situation and fulfill my hope. Thank you for spending patience to know about me.

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