Friday, April 18, 2003

No Internet on Sat and Sun

Up till now, I have no Internet Access on Saturday and Sunday. I go to school to access Internet, so that I can meet all of you. However, I have no Internet in homestay. I have been requiring to share Internet access with them as Internet access in USA is very expensive. It is a boring task to argue with them as they do not know how to share Internet, and worry about privacy, speed online after sharing.. such and such. It is clumpy, hateful and boring. I have to explain to them in detail. Lucky, I manage to spend the least time to make them to understand, but they still not willing to share the internet with me.

The korean roommate do not want to share Internet with me as he cannot have his program(what-what: "frie share" program) work online *_*, WHY do you use another program that can do the same thing as "frie share" program& One of the Rules to use program is: "Do NOT STICK TO the program that it is not function well." About this, again, I have to explain to him. Nearly I have give a free computer lesson to him. But he exchanged the chance for me to complain him. But THIS IS NOT HIS FAULT. THE FAULT IS COMPUTER IS STILL TOO complicated to EVERYONE. I AM BEING A VICTIM OF complexity OF COMPUTER.

To sign up a Internet Access, I must have a social security card to register.(I have it just 4 to 5 days. I apply it for myself, on my own.)

How expensive a Internet access in USA are&

$20US ($160HK) Dial up (3 months free per year, average $15USper month)$20US ($160HK) DSL (3 months free per year, average $15USper month, but it will interfere(i.e.disrupt,annoy) the host family phone line.
$40US ($320HK) Cable modem (Most expensive, ideal for sharing. I want to sharing this with the roommate)

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