Friday, April 18, 2003

I can handle well

Maths are calculus.

calculus classes and Maths 124, math125 and math 126

I am studying maths 124. (limits and derivative)
Math 125 is derivative, integral.
Math 126 is integral.

I have learnt that before

I have learnt that before. 1st time-the 1st time Form 5, 2nd time-the 2nd Form 5, 3rd foundation (UNI-PREP) course in university of Southern Queensland HK program.  And the 4th time is here- Shoreline C.C., Seattle.

I feel sorry that I still making a few mistakes in the maths class. But I can hand in the Homework early (in advance). Is it Great! People were doing 2.6, but I was going to finish 2.8 at that time. Wonderful!

I am very serious about my maths. I spend 3 whole afternoons per week at least to do Maths Homework and revise Maths in Maths Learning Centre in school. That is, I spend  3day * 5hr= 15 hr at least on Maths.

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