Friday, April 18, 2003

Host Starts dinner at daytime!

It is a kind of American customs, the host sometimes start dinner at 5:00pm(UStime). The host says some families start dinner at 4:00pm (!!!).

But usually, most of the time, the dinner starts at around 6:30pm.

See what I eat in dinner time:
beef and pork (once per 2 week)
noodles (once per week)
chicken (sometimes) (Great taste)
potatos (usually)
vegetable (sometimes)
rice (sometimes) (I like rice here, tastes different than in Hong Kong.)
salad (always)
Beans (sometimes)

Introduction of Host family members (for roommate - later)

The host (the "mother") is a good cook. She is a social worker in "Women and children Association", while the kind host ("father") is an art and history teacher in high school. Both of them are white. And their children are two black and two white. Those two black are aged 18 female (named "Rani", can call her "Veronica") and aged above 20 male ("John", he is a cool guy.). Those two white children I haven't see them before. Edward (male 18) died in a drink driving 4 months ago. And Elisebeth (I can't spell that) aged 20 female, I don't know her very much, I have not seen her before.

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