Thursday, April 17, 2003

Establish this web site

Establish this web site, Worrying pneumonia. (SARS)
(The first diary perhaps is longer. website:

email: or

( is my old email address, don't use it)

1. I will apply the maths tutor job or peer mantors job in the 2nd quarter(in June-July 2003)

2. The following message is the conversation with Iris in USQ (unverisity of southern queensland, HK)

Iris?: [offline] [multiple receipients] :Hello! I am worrying about SARS. I cannot sleep...
The WAyWArd WAyfarer: Hope is still here.
Iris: o~thx
The WAyWArd WAyfarer: What if the people who come out from the hospital and the virus in their body attack them again?
What if the quarantine doesn't work and the quarantine is not effective?
In US, 150+ SARS cases recorded, yet no one died.
The WAyWArd WAyfarer: I am worrying.
The WAyWArd WAyfarer: When the korean behind me having a bad breath, I am nervous to talk to him. As you know, SARS can be transmit through air.
Iris: i don't know ar
The WAyWArd WAyfarer: do you know I am studying in US? major computer science associate degree.
The WAyWArd WAyfarer: Where I live is Seattle.
Iris: How can I know more about you?
The WAyWArd WAyfarer: You may visit
for my photos and the enviroment in Seattle.
Iris?: o~thx live now bye
The WAyWArd WAyfarer: bye

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