Friday, April 18, 2003

computer java test

The computer java test for this time is not very good.

1st (last thursday) test ->12/18 (misunderstand the question about "java VM" (-3) + incomplete table to distiniguish the different between compiler and assembler. (-3, I knew that before the test))

2nd(today) test->14(or more)/18

All the test is having enough time for me.

Why I lose marks in 2nd test?

I mixed up the two terms coercion and casting in the test. All stuff is right about coercion and casting.

Click on the definition of the terms mentioned to check the meaning:

Coercion = implicit type conversion

cast= explicit type conversion

Why I don't know that?

    Because the damn Java programming textbook DOES NOT mention this! It only mention casting, not automatic coercion. The instructor said that once only.


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